Sunday, August 27, 2006

He liked it . . . He loved it . . . He wanted MORE of it!!!

Satisfaction is mine! You just gotta know how to GET what you WANT !!!

So while having a nice lunch at the Mall of Ga. D all of a sudden becomes unsatisfied with his chosen menu: Green Beans and Turkey. His eyes quickly locked on a more attractive prize . . . FRENCH FRIES . . . "How dare daddy being engorging on these intricate figures without offering the prince to partake!"

"Hey Dad! Remove the greasy fingers please! I won't let this one get away! Trust me!"

Another One on the Way . . .

Wow! It is so great to watch your friends lives transform with the welcoming of new life! The past few years, I have been more than blessed to see close friends marry and to become even closer to close friends with the welcoming of new life! Saturday, I was able to share in Jennica's special time as she prepares to welcome Baby Derric into the world! It is such as amazing time. Times like this truly bring friends together! I can't even describe after a hairy week, what a relief it was to be surrounded by many of my sorority sisters and their new little ones (or ones on the way!).

Ok so this time "Livi" was more than Head over Heals for Davis! In fact, Davis was a little confused at how to act with all the kissing and loving from this little lady! Beware guys! She's a wild one!

Davis with his man David - what is up with Ms. Andrea in the background! Yea guys - sometimes she is just - umm... well.... CRAZY!

Cailee - the newest member of the gang!

Happy Birthday Uncle Troy!

Ok, so I know I am way behind with all this blogging stuff! Last week, I honestly felt as if I was dying! So, I am trying to catch up with every aspect of my life!

This past Friday night we had dinner at Tim's parents to celebrate uncle Troy's birthday! We had salad, baked potatoes, and steak! Nana even made some Mac N' Cheese just for Davis and Mommy! Davis had more fun with Uncle Troy's bow than the gifts! Happy Birthday Uncle Troy!

"Uncle Troy, Can I have the bow?"

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Large Shiny Spherical Orb and The Wee Munchkin

Though tears came with a recent fall, the ball makes everything better!

The past week, we got Davis this great big Silver ball, and he LOVES it! He follows it all over the house pushing it around! It has actually be a great investment, because we hate for Davis to go into the kitchen to walk around on the tile! We are SO afraid that he is going to crash on the hard floor! Now all we have to do is send the ball rolling into the living room, and Davis is right behind it! Notice the shiny right cheek! Davis took a fall while going after the ball and hit the lover part of the couch. Yes tears were shed, but as soon as we got his ball, he was ready to get rolling! (This is our third facial accident this week!) I guess the old saying stands true! "Boys will be boys!" I love you pumpkin!

Daddy stops by to pose for a picture with the D-ster! (Momma is always the camera wo-man!)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

By George, I Think He's Got It!

Ok, so last week Pops taught Davis to point at the light when he said "Davis - Where is the light? Point to the light." Well Davis started doing just that. I thought it was coincidence when you would say "Where is another light?" and he would point to a different one. Well today after pointing at three different lights in his babysitters house for the first time I was quite excited. The story thickens as we get home and Davis is watching our fish in our 120 gallon aquarium. We finally got it moved back upstairs after having our floors redone. Davis LOVES it! So out of sure suspicion, I said "Davis, Where are the fish? Point to the fish." And he turned around and pointed to the aquarium, so I decided to take this experiment to the next level. I quickly changed the subject and said "Ok Davis. Point to the light. Where is the light?" Well, he through his head to the side and pointed to the light on the stairway going up to his room. (His Favorite Light!) So, as an eager beaver, I said "Point to another light." Davis leaned his head back and pointed up the ceiling fan! By George I think I have a genius on my hands! :) You can imagine how the rest of the night went " point to the ....., point to the ...." Bless his heart! I wore him out! But I loved every second of it!

Peas Please . . .

Davis' dinner menu consisted of instant mashed potatoes and Del Monte english peas! Davis savored the smooth taters, but became a bit apprehensive with the peas. He usually smacks them right off the spoon and down the old hatch. So, Mommy decided to put a couple peas on the tray and see if Davis was trying to pass along the message that he didn't need the spoon. Of here recent, Davis has become quite the little self-feeder. (Just another silent cue that he is growing more "independent" and less "dependent" on Mommy! :( ) As you can tell, he was in hog heaven! Literally! This was exactly what he wanted! So, he ate . . .

and ate . . .and then he decided Mommy needed to eat too! Good thing I like peas!

Monday, August 14, 2006

You Know It's Time for Bed When . . .

Tonight Davis enjoyed actually sitting on one of his ride 'n push toys instead of just playing with it! This was short lived as the time was already 7:30 ish. You can see below what a good time he is having sitting and spinning the little spinner at the left. (What is up with babies and things that spin - I mean it makes them happier than anything!!!)

Needless to say, the moment was short lived! Davis became too tired to make the spinner spin! :(Mom and Dad took turns leaning over to keep the spinner going by blowing it. Davis thought this was hilarious! (as you can see below!) He just giggled to the point of sounding like he was going to be sick! It was so funny to watch him!

But everytime the spinner stopped . . .


Mom and Dad were quickly give out from leaning over to "blow the spinner!" It was time for bed! Mommy and Daddy were ready for bed too! :)

The best part of the night was after I put Davis to bed and got downstairs. He was still in and out of sleep and after about 5 or 10 min of silence I heard him scurrying around saying "MaMa -- MaMaMaMa -- MaMa! Needless to say tears came to my eyes and I ran up to embrace and hug him just one last time for the night! Mama loves you Snookums!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to Nana . . .

Davis and the Birthday Nana!

Tonight we celebrated Tim's mom's, Lucary, aka Nana's, birthday. Tim cooked at our house and Davis enjoyed getting to play with his Uncle Troy. On the menu we had Mustard/Dill Chicken, fresh corn, fresh green beans, fresh squash, cornbread, cantelope, a homemade cobbler made with fresh peaches, and vanilla ice cream. Everything was delicious, and we were all quite stuffed! The guys also stayed and helped Daddy get the aquarium moved back upstairs! Thanks guys!!!

Davis playing with Uncle T-roy before dinner!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Not the Sippy - Just MY BaBa!

I love this expression! Looks like D hit the jackpot!!!

Ok so those of you that I have talked to lately know that D is definitley a bottle fan and could careless about the Sippy. Well this morning as I was leaving for work I thought I will give him a sippy while he was good and thirsty before his morning bottle. Well we squirmed and screamed until he escaped from me. Ironically he crawled straight over to his diaper bag and took his bottle out of the side of the bag! Then he proceeded to try to put it in his mouth with the cap on! Once he figured out it was empty he pitched one heck of a fit while we made him his morning bottle! Motherhood - who would have thought!

Fill 'er up, and I will be good to go!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Doggone Good Time!

Two Peas in a Pod!
Tonight Davis had a blast! He is at the best age! I just love and cherish every second with him. Hearing him giggle and laugh makes me forget all my worries!

Davis was so excited to see Maggie today. He ran after her all around the house! He tried his hardest to get her to chase him! Davis quickly followed her up the stairs, and he ended up wrestling and rolling around with him on the living room floor.

It's ON Now!!!

The fun ended on the tile floor in the kitchen as Davis and Maggie pushed and chased the sliding empty box (thanks to D the Cookie Monster) across the floor. Davis giggled and squealed the night away! Maggie is definitley D's best friend!

I Must Destroy the Evidence!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to Pops . . .

Happy Birthday to Pops!

Yesterday was Pops' (my dads) birthday. I had a dinner/planning session with my grade level so we weren't able to celebrate. Today after D stayed with Pops today we went and celebrated Pops birthday at Jeffrey's Sports Bar and Grill in Braselton. We got to give Pops his birthday gift and Pops took Davis to watch the kids play in the arcade. Davis was a PIG as usual. He LOVED the baked sweet potato - but he wasn't crazy about Gerber Green Beans! He finished his meal off with some fruit puffs, dried bananas, and Nilla Wafers!!! :)

Davis and Pops with full bellies in the Arcade at Jeffrey's!

Over the Mountain and Through the . . .

Are you "Gonna Catch Me?" "Here I Go"
Ok . . . All you parents have to get the above caption. Davis LOVES the Laurie Berkner Band. He loves them even more when mom is acting crazy while acting the songs out! Well Today was another great milestone for Mr. D!!! He managed to find the stairs in the foryer and made it all the way up to his room! Don't freak on me - his Pops was with him and followed him up. He didn't "ESCAPE" per say! I made this photo after giving him a bath this afternoon. Of course, he had to show off and show Ma-Ma how big of a boy he is! He cracks me up - because he goes up a couple steps and turns around and cracks up if you are behind him!!! He so wants to be caught!!!

My Little Mountain Climber!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hot Dogs and Hot Friends!

Hey You - Step Away from my Weenie!
Davis Eating His First Hot Dog - with peas - as you can tell on the face!!!
Davis had his first hot dog today! He LOVED it! I just boiled it and cut it into pieces, and he went to town! He almost gave me a heartattack as he shoved one piece after another into his little mouth! Daddy thought mommy was mean for feeding him peas with his hot dog, but I wanted him to have something nutritious!!!
Tonight was GREAT! We had two (sets) of our best friends over for dinner. Davis was on cloud nine with both of his favorite Aunts and Uncles! Aunt Lindsey, Aunt Lori, Uncle Daryl, and Uncle Matt came over to grill out with us! Davis is such a little flirt. He showed off his walking, made our toes dodge his walker, and allowed us to all watch the Laurie Burkner Band! He even ate another weenie to show off!

Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Matt

Monkle Daryl and Aunt Lori


Our guys - Don't they coordinate well!

The Ladies of the Night!!!

Tonight was GREAT! Great Food! Great Friends! Lots of Laughs! One Gag! One fake _ _ _ _ _ _ ! We love you guys! We are so blessed that God has given us such great friends!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another "Big" Day and Splashing Away!

This blog should have been inserted last night. Let's just say I was TOO tired to do it!!! Davis had another "big" day on Wednesday! When daddy left for work, Davis waved bye to him. It was so sweet we were all at the point of tears. I took Davis to my parents house to stay while I went to work in my classroom, and he did the same thing as I was leaving. He quit eating his oatmeal long enough to wave bye to his mommy! I totally believe that he has started doing this to let me know that he is a big boy and that he will be fine while I am working! It makes it easier on me. I don't know what I would do if he cried when I left him!

Here is Davis taking the chance to flash mom a quick smile during bathtime!

Davis' cute monogramed intial towels from Ms. Cindy and Aunt Lindsey!

Davis and Dudley the Duck during Bathtime!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Good Things Come in Threes or Fours!!!!

Sorry guys ~ no pictures today! Today was a quite a hectic day for us. We didn't get in until late, and D went to bed as soon as we got home! Today was a GREAT day for me! D had 4 new firsts!

1. When I was getting ready to take him to Ms. Emmy's this morning and I told him that we were going "bye-bye" - He said it back to me "Bye-Bye" This time I knew that he knew what he was saying, and it was quite different from the "Ba-Ba" he calls his bottle!!! :)

2. When I picked D up from Ms. Emmy's she told me he had walked across the living room! Well she was right! When we got to Tim's parents he was walking ALL over the place! Before we left their house he walked from the dining room table into the kitchen! It was GREAT!!!

3. At the dinner table tonight D clearly said "Ma-Ma." This time he didn't just say it this once - a few moments later he REPEATED it!!!

4. Many of you that have talked to me lately know the joys we are having introducing the "SIPPY CUP." Well tonight Tim's parents had little mini - kids water bottles with flouride. He LOVED it! He drank and drank until he got the Hiccups!

This was such a great day! As the day went on my smile and happy heart grew bigger and bigger! I never knew I could be in LOVE with someone so much again!!!