Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh Boy!!!

Ok, today was my first official "vacation day" as Tim calls it. I am more than lucky that it was, because boy do I have a doozie of a head cold! D and I stayed in for most of the day and just enjoyed playing with one another. I totally enjoyed the 3 hour nap! He can be such a good boy! This evening we had a blast with Pops. We went to McDonald's and played and played for ever on the playground/treehouse. D of course flirted with the girls and acted pitiful screaming "help help!" until the would hoist him up the last step before the huge slide! Man why didn't they have HUGE spiral slides when we were little?!? ;) Davis' new favorite lines are "Help Help!" and "I stuck" So you can imagine our embarassment in public. We put D in a cart or go into a store and he screams "help help" at the top of his lungs. Everyone stares at you like you are kidnapping him or something crazy! I think his classic line tonight was while he was stuck up top at the mesh room overlooking the play area -- he screams "pee pee" "potty". Luckily he failied to mention the "pee pee" sound effects which usually follow sounding like fireman's waterhose! :)

I do have last weeks pictures. I promise to try to post them tomorrow! As I was putting D down for the night I kissed him and said "mom is going to be home with you tomorrow - Oh boy!" His last sweet words were "Oh boy!" I am so happy to have the opportunity to have more quality time with him and do what I love -- teaching. I feel like I have the best life anyone could have!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The End of the First Trimester!

The first trimester is coming to a close! The second trimester starts either tomorrow or Thursday! Yesterday I went to the doctor and was able to here our little one's heartbeat by doppler. It took a while to find it, but it sounded good and strong at 162 bpm. The little booger even kicked the fire out of the doppler which suprised both me and doctor at such an early stage! It was quite entertaining! I am hoping to get better about photos -- so here are some pictures of me this morning on my way to work! By my last ultrasound, today would be 12 weeks and 6 days - marking the end of my first trimester! I can surely say that I am happy to see it go away, and I am gladly welcoming the second trimester!

Now let me add that my pictures in no way are going to compare to my best friend's Lori's documentation. First off -- I have a horrible preggo memory to remember to get the photos taken, and #2 these clothes will NEVER make it 40 weeks! Today my shorts were not buttoned or zipped! Thank you Lori for introducting me to my favorite new friend! I totally recommend, otherwise I would be wearing this! I think they are so cool -- I have probably flashed everyone at my school to show them how they work!!! Why didn't I know about this the first go-round!!!

Yea, and that's not a stain on my shirt -- LOL - it's my new shirt from my principal. I got it wet getting ready!!! Good thing I am not working on Monday's -- I don't think this shirt would work for every Monday this school year!!!

The past few days I have felt better as far as the icky/naseauous feelings are concerned. However, I am finding myself to be quite emotional! I feel as though I could cry at any given moment and for no reason at all! I only remember feeling this way at the end of my last pregnancy and right after Davis was born, so I am a little confused and tickled by this strange phenomenon. Anyone else experience anything like this! I think yesterday was the first day that I really noticed it! So I think my doctor felt like I little bit of a looney! He gladly offered a prescription for depression! I of course started bawling when I got to my car, because I was like oh my gosh -- my doctor things I am over the edge! I think a little of this had to do with the fact that my blood pressure was elevated a little yesterday, and it is always perfect! I on the other hand am trying to make light of the situation and laugh about the joys of preggo hood to help me keep my sanity!!! The good news is that the doctor did tell me that it is probably just my hormones and their escalated levels. He also added that I should be at the peak of the hormone surge! So we will pray this gets better!!!

I just had to add this one in! I have been so bad about blogging lately, that I feel that I owe this to my two favorite men, who light up my life everyday in more ways than I could possibly express! I love you guys!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Debuting Baby Henson #2

I am so sorry that I am so bloggin' behind! Most of you know how chaotic and stressful this past month has been for our family! So much for a "relaxing" summer. This summer has been anything but relaxing! :) I am happy to report that Baby Henson#2 seems to be doing great now! I go back again on Monday the 6th for one more check-up -- we are prayerful and optimistic that the bleed has healed itself setting us up for a safe and healthy pregnancy. I am beginning to feel better I guess. I am still typically throwing up once a day!

However, I should've hit 12 weeks today, so hopefully that will end soon! This pregnancy has been so different from my early pregnancy with Davis! :) I only actually threw up 2 times with him. It is weird though because I was sick at week 6 and felt great for weeks 7 and 8 and have been sick for 9-12! Anyone experience craziness like that??? We are thinking of going and having an early ultrasound around D's bday to find out of if we have a he or a she on board. We are pretty agreeable on a boy's name, but we are all over the place with girl names! Any suggestions? Well I haven't gotten around to vacation pictures. There are not many of me as I spent most of the time in the bed on my left side! Davis loved the ocean, sand, and the kiddie pool with the mushroom. He could have lived in the kiddie pool. Anyway -- check back soon. I think we are going to start my weekly belly shots tonight since we just hit 12 weeks! We are due on Valentine's day -- that might make you want to change your baby guesses!!! :) Just trust me -- you show ALOT sooner the second time around! Just you all wait!!!