Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Update Part 1!

I can't believe how fast this summer is going by! We have had a wonderful summer! So many new things to report and share! I honestly don't even know where to begin! I also have tons of pictures to post, so hopefully I can narrow them down!
I've decided to do this post in parts! This is part 1 and will encompass our first night in Tennessee! Somehow I am noticing a trend -- Davis literally has 100's of clothes that fit - not exagerating either! But somehow all of my pictures and posts lately he has this outfit on! I am going to make sure he wears other attire for the camera for a while! :)

Davis crusing in his car and Mimi and Pops' house! I have no idea why he is driving with his snack plate on his car! Go figure! This picture is just too cute I had to throw it in!


1. Tim started a new job, and here is the best news! NO MORE TRAVELING! So excited!

2. Davis is using the "Potty, Potty, Now-ow!"

3. Marleigh is growing like a weed and rolling and moving ALL over the place!

4. Mommy has agreed to a new job next year - She will be teaching ESOL part-time at her current school! :)

5. Oh and did I mention that Daddy turned 30!!! Mommy doesn't know what to do being married to an OLD MAN!

We had an AWESOME trip to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg! The cabin we stayed in was INCREDIBLE! We could SO live there!!! It's forsale - but I don't think we could spring the $650,000 they are asking for it!!! The kids were GREAT!!! The loved Dollywood and we discovered that D is a daredevil!!! He will ride anything and the faster/higher the better!!! :)

We made a stop in Cherokee, but Davis was to preoccupied with the fact that Mimi had just told him we were going to visit the Aquarium in Gatlinburg to care for indians!

He did enjoy riding this horsey!

And he even let sissy in on the fun!

On the way to our cabin - he spotted a kiddie amusement park or more specifically this train! Guess where we ended up later that evening?

Of course, Pops had to go with him first!

Then he let daddy go for a ride!

Davis suprised us as he wanted to ride anything and everything - even by himself! Mommy was so excited! She knew he would love Dollywood!

Next it was super high up in the air by himself, Davis the pilot! Mommy was a nervous wreck waiting on D to try to skydive out, but he LOVED it!!! He just waved and waved!

Next, it was on the Ferris Wheel where we were shocked that he didn't want out after his cage mate had a nervous breakdown! They stop to let the boy out and Davis said he was ok and wanted to keep going! Good for you, my big boy!

Next, the scrambler! We were worried about this one as it makes daddy VERY sick! Davis LOVED it -- The operator couldn't spin him fast enough. He kept screaming more more faster faster! I just knew we'd see dinner again! However, he was a pro until he let go and started spinning with the cart! The operator saved the day and got him back under control. Davis just laughed. He would have stayed on it all night!

Sissy slept most of the time at the Kiddie Park in her stroller, but Mommy got Sleephead up for some lovin' and a quick photo!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Our Mar-Star!

Ok, so I must admit -- we began calling Davis --- D from the start. Marleigh was Mar Bear for ever and I still call her that, but the past few weeks I have been calling her and refering to her as my Mar-Star! And that she truly is! She is quite the little Star of the household! In fact, here lately her stardom has sortof taken its toil on the rest of the household!

"What? I know she is not talking about ME!"

Oh, but I am my little Princess! :) Ms. MarStar has become quite the little spoiled Princess. She is your typical little girl! She wants CONSTANT attention and interaction and nothingless. If you take your eyes off of her for even a second she DEMANDS you back in line! :) Our perfect little princess has always went to bed like a light switch. Here lately (the past 5 or 6 nights), bedtime has become her "showtime." In fact she will sleep like a little lamb as long as mommy is holding her in her arms. The second mommy begins to lay her down - her eyes POP open huge and she won't have it! :) Just to explain -- this cycle has easily continued for 4 and 5 hours at at time. Turning her 7:00 bedtime easily into midnight. And oh - I am NOT exaggerating! Since Mommy has removed her wedge and blanket. She is now sleeping flat in her bed in Halo Sack. Last night was the best in a week. Mommy got her to sleep quite quickly until Daddy and D caused a stir and woke her up. Needless to say Mommy was not happy with Daddy and told him he had the priveledge of dealing with the Princess. Luckily she went back easily and slept until 8:40 this morning! Over 12 hours! So we are getting there! Mommy is convinced that MarStar is starting to exhibit the early stages of Separation Anxiety. This week it has been quite intense. She is young to exhibit the intial signs, so we might be in for a quite a time the next few months! Please pray for us all! :)

Mommy explains, "She better be glad she is so darn Cute!"

Marleigh has become quite the little fashion diva with her hairbows here lately! I know, you either LOVE big bows on babies or you HATE them! I am a HUGE fan myself! I am also very proud of myself for making them! In fact, I have already had a number of people asking me to make some for their little girls and friends. I guess I am going in the bow making business! At least it is fun, and I enjoy it! And I am saving a ton for not ordering them online as I had been doing! :)

Well we hope you all had a GREAT 4th! We sure did! Our money shot days are SHOT. We cannot seem to get a good pic of the kids together. One day we will look back and Love these. I just know it! Marleigh is always ready for the camera, and she just can't seem to understand why Davis HATES to pose for pictures!