Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Count Down to D-Day or in our case C-Day!

One week from today we will be welcoming Little Miss Marleigh into the world! It feels like only yesterday, we found out she was on the way! Wow! This pregnancy has flown by even though we've had our fair share of health concerns on both of our parts! Now we are just so excited to finally get to meet this little one that has already caused so much joy and excitement!

Tonight we pretty much finished up her room, so that makes it even more real! We have a few finishing touches left to add, but many family and friends have been dying to see the progress, so here it is!!! I think all we have left is: getting the new cushions for the glider (We bought some upholstery fabric, and my uncle is making us new cushions to match the nursery.) and getting the canvases. (Our decorator is working on two canvases to go on each side of the window -- one has a tiara and the other will have a crown I believe -- she is using scripture on them refering to God's princess.) We have been so blessed. I have been tutoring a sweet little girl in my neighborhood and her mother is into interior design. She has done many nurseries, and she pretty much did everything you see in Marleigh's nursery! I did pick out the bedding and the paint colors. Believe it or not Tim and I hung the letters abover her bed, and I painted and decorated her initials over the changing table. I give Alicia all the credit for everything else!!! She is great about using what you already have which really saved us a bundle! The lamp you see was the lamp from D's nursery that she did in ribbon. The curtains were from D's nursery and she fancied them up too! She even made the yellow blanket/tablecloth on the little round table!

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on how everything is looking or even suggestions! We sort of went for a whimsical/shabby chic approach. We are still debating on changing out the fan for a chandelier. We haven't seen just what we are picturing yet at a price we are willing to pay that is!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Ok so with Marleigh arriving in one week, I figured I better get Christmas posted!!! Here is a peak at our Immediate family Christmas parties! It would take a year to post our other 4 family get-togethers!

Davis absolutely loved The Magical Nights of Lights!!! Thanks to one of my students whose sweet mother works at the Islands, we got a free pass!!! Here is Davis telling everyone what he sees! He was our little tour guide this year!

On to our Christmas parties!

First we celebrated Christmas with Tim's family on Christmas Eve Afternoon. Unfortunately, Troy, Tim's brother was admitted back to the hospital on the Friday before Christmas. He wasn't able to join us to celebrate, but thanks to his mom he was enjoying the best decorated hospital room ever! We were able to go up and visit him afterwards while D was napping. We met at Red Lobster for lunch and then headed to Nana and Poppa's house for the goodies!

Here is Davis enjoying his gift from Uncle Troy! The expression says it all! He loves his horsey!

Next, Davis shows his excitement over his very own keyboard! Davis LOVES music! (I think he gets that from his uncle Troy!)

Davis was excited to find out that Nana and Poppa had got him a Smart Cycle! However, he wasn't very excited that Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let him "open it" at Nana and Poppa's house!
Here is a picture of Tim and Troy at the hospital later in the afternoon.

After leaving the hospital we returned to my parents (where D was napping) for our Christmas together. Mom and Dad had cooked steak, oregano potatoes, and had a salad ready. For those of you that know my mom --- this is a BIG deal! ;) The dining room looked perfect and our places were set with her fine china and flatware. We should have known this was "too good to be true!" As soon as we arrived D threw the biggest "fit" "tantrum" whatever you want to call it that he has EVER thrown! Pops was trying to grill the steaks and D wanted no part of that! He wanted Pops all to himself, and he wanted Pops to go down to the "jungle." This is what D calls their TV room in the basement as it is decorated with jungle decor! Pops finally caved and Tim finished the steaks -- guess where the dinner was served???? You got it! In the jungle! Fine China and all! Nothing like sitting with plates in your lap or on the floor/coffee table while watching Mickey Mouse! We had to laugh about it! It was quite humerous! Just goes to show you how life changes with a toddler!!!

A quick glance at our fine dining experience -- D is a happy camper though -- as he keeps Pops in the floor.

Here is D going through his stocking at Mimi and Pops' like a Pro! We were afraid we would have to bring the gifts downstairs -- he totally cracked us up though -- Mimi was like "Davis, would you like to go upstairs and open some gifts!" Davis stands up not too excitedly and says, "I guess so." I about pee'd on myself! Where did he get that from?

Davis is becoming a professional gift opener! His words of the evening were "Oh!!! Wow!!! Look!!! Thanks!!! Thank You!!!" At least he is polite!!!

Have I EVER mentioned how much Davis LOVES books?

Davis and Pops putting together his Discovery Channel Jungle Treehouse! How exciting!

One more suprise for the road! His expression in this picture is PRICELESS!!! He is still a little timid as this will move up to 5mph I believe -- which is fast for a little guy -- we practiced some outside but it was dark and cold!!! Davis had too much fun outside taking to the lit reindeers!!! Hopefully once it starts warming up he will be use to it and ready to go! I don't think I will be letting him drive Marleigh around anytime soon though!