Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Events Leading up to Easter Part 1

Ok -- I know I am totally behind!!! I have tons of pictures from Easter too!!! We will start with Easter Part 1 tonight! The Saturday before Easter we joined my dad's side of the family at his sister Rhonda's home in Clarkesville, GA. We had a wonderful time as we always do when we are able to get the gang together! We had loads of food, and TONS of goodies for the kids, as well as 100s of eggs! It was so freakin' cold that I could have settled for furry slippers and hot chocolate! On a side note, our family has been through ALOT this past year, and it was WONDERFUL to come together once more and just have FUN! I love you all!!!
Here you see Tim, Davis, and yours truly posing for a quick shot after the egg hunt-a-roo!

Davis enjoyed hunting for eggs in the artic, but he was soon preoccupied with greater delight!
What can I say? Boys will be boys! That about sums it up!

Here is not a half bad money shot - if I did take it myself!!!

Last but not least - let me introduce the newest member of the family (but not for long!) This is my cousin Nikkin and her new hubby Steve! Baby RJ will be making his appearance before summer is over! Don't worry I don't think Steve is a Spider Man fan or an egg hunting hog. I think he is just sportin' Will or Tanner's basket!!! Welcome to the family Steve. We can't wait for little RJ to get here!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Channel 11 Action News - MONDAY!

My mother, Debbie Davis, who teaches at Oakwood Elementary was nominated and selected as a GA Class Act Teacher. Today they are airing a segment on her on 11 Alive -- It is being aired at 6:40 am and at the 12:00 showing I believe. It is also suppose to be on www.11alive.com
Just click on Features and then Class Act! I was there during the interview and taping, so I might be on there too! I am very proud of her. I pray everyday that I can be at least 1/2 the teacher that she is!!! I will post more if I can!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Too Close to Home!

So Wednesday morning we woke to find out that a nearby neighborhood had been hit by a storm that had taken place overnight. We were shocked as we slept fine and didn't hear anything during the night. Turns out it was a mircoburst or a downburst. In watching the news it appeared the surroundings looked quite familiar. It took place in our previous subdivision! You always feel horrible when you see catastrophic events and feel great remorse for those involved. This was gut-renching to think that this could have been us. On seeing photos of the house that had collapsed we thought it was our neighbors, but after seeing video footage it must have been right down the street. Thankfully the mother and her two girls were on Spring Break in FL. Otherwise, they would have probably not survived. We haven't been able to tour the neighborhood as the police are still only letting certain residents in. From the main road you can see tarps on like every roof. It is time like this where you really just don't understand, but you are just thankful to God for continuing to keep you and your family safe!

Here is a photograph from today in our local paper that shows the rest of the two story house being demolished. You can view today's article at www.gainesvilletimes.com

Above in the homeowner who just returned from FL.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Neighborhood Cookout/Egg Hunt!

We had a blast at our 2nd Annual egg hunt with the groupies in the hood. Thank you Amy and Jason for hosting --- everything was perfect!!! This past Saturday we headed to the home of the Manleys and got the party started! We were afraid it would rain, so we got the egg hunt over first! This year Davis was in search of the yellow eggs or in Davis' terms "yeayo!" Davis wasn't much in favor of his Easter basket. As you can tell he would rather carry them all around!

Look what D found! It's a yeayo egg!

"It's falling out, it's falling out, it's falling out!!!" Oh sorry, back to the eggs not Tim's hair!

Next for the money shot - Yea right!!! The boys were not about sitting. At least Davis wasn't - he loves attention so as soon as everyone started making a commotion, he wanted to be the first one up and at 'em! Finally the moms succumbed to the duty of holding them, I guess it worked a little better!

Whose the show-off! Just like his momma!

Left to Right: Kawanna with Seth, Me with D, Alicia holding Eva Claire with Jack in front, Heather with Hunter, Amy with Drew and Ally in front, Dea with Kaleigh!

Mommy, Daddy, and Davis

After the hunt, we moved the party to the backyard, and Jason started cooking the burgers and dogs. The kids had a blast on Ally and Drew's playset! Davis scared his ol' overprotective momma to death climbing and sliding on his own! After playtime it was time for dinner! Everything was delicious. The kids sat at a little kids picnic table - ol' over protective mom wasn't sure about letting D sit and eat on his own, but he did great! He didn't even try to get up until he was down with his chips and hot dog and half. He didn't even drop anything on the floor! Momma's boy is growing up! :(

I'm the king of the world!

Hunter and Davis swinging together!

Kaleigh pushing D in the swing with Drew watching!

After dinner the families segregated! Somehow the mom's ended up in the playroom in the basement with the kiddos, and the dads lucked out with the flat screen and ball games! They promised we would rotate, but do you think that happened? Yeah, right!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Davis' First Surgery!

Today Davis had tubes put in his ears! It was quite an eventful day! We had to report to Northeast Georgia Medical Center at 6:30 am this morning. We did our best to keep Davis up late last night so that we didn't have to put him to bed hungry! We went to Discover Mills, Babies R Us and Target to stroll him around! Then he enjoyed Cheetos on the way home around 9:30! :) Yumm Yumm! We woke Big D up around 6:00 this morning and loaded him into the car. We had to wait in the surgery pavilion for the first 45 min. This was wide open spaces for D so he wasn't very apt to sit tight! :) Around 7:15 we went back to meet with the doctors, anesthesiologist, and nurses. D looked too cute in his gown (see below). He was not a happy camper in this room. Cartoons could only do so much. He was so wanting to get down and run, and momma drew the line at tiled hospital room floors! :) Mommy was overjoyed to know learn that there was going to be no IV - just some feel good relaxation medicine and some anesthesia gas to keep him under during the quick procedure! For those of you who haven't heard - Davis's last IV experience was the worst thing Mommy, Daddy, or D have ever experienced!

Here are Daddy and D posing for a quick shot after dressing D in a stunning *buff* gown (a little on the risque side if I might add - as it was backless!) I know D will kill me over this post one day! I love you my cuddle bug!

Mommy with D (fixated) on Curious George on the micro-screen!

Around 7:45 the doctor came in before his next procedure and let us know that he would be ready for Davis in about 15 min. The nurse brought in some medicine in a syringe that made D drunk as all get outs! :) It was hilarious. He was a totally different child. Can we get some of that to go? He was all giggly and RELAXED!

Here is Davis loving the world! (Hey! Wait a minute - Looks like daddy confiscated the syringe and helped himself to some as well!!!)

Right at 8:00 a nurse came in and wrapped D in a flannel sheet. She let him keep his *pibby and carried him away as mom and dad gave him a quick kiss. She promised to stay with him and take very good care of him. Mommy lost it and cried wanting her baby back in her arms. In the meantime Mommy and Daddy were moved to a Recovery room where by 8:15 Dr. Wood came in to tell us that he procedure was over and that everything went well! He said Davis would stay back there for a little while, and then they would bring him to us! We had to wait on him longer than the surgery took! Mom kept freaking out thinking something was wrong because it was taking so long. Dad finally went and asked the nurse if he was ok to ease my nerves, and she assured us that he was fine and would be back any minute. With grandparents and our former pastor in the room Davis made his grand entrance down the hall. Below are some pictures of him returning. He started sitting up as soon as he saw us and heard our voices.

Here is King D being rolled back to Mommy and Daddy in recovery!

The doctors and nurses kept warning us that he would be upset and cry upon arrival. They said it wasn't due to pain just confusion over why they felt so funny with the drugs. He was an angel, and a very thirsty angel at that. We had orange gatorade waiting on him and he downed two sippys full in no time. I know that he was very thirsty and hungry! He let me and Pops rock and love on him, and he even played with one of his favorite Peek-a-Boo books. He felt very warm, but the nurses and doctor assured us it was because of the anesthesia and the fact that he had been wrapped in warm blankets. So soon he felt perfectly normal to the touch! They sent us home with ear drops that we have to give 2times a day for 7 days, and other than that he is great!!! Mommy and Daddy stopped on the way home to get some gravy and biscuits. D acted quite interested so Daddy sat in the back and shared his with Davis. We also ran by and picked up his drops. Davis was wide open and singing Five Little Ducks "Quack, Quack, Quack!"

Mommy and Daddy put D to bed when we got in, and he wasn't happy about that. However, he needed to rest. He woke up wild as and ate lunch. Early this evening we put him back to sleep as he was acting a little uncomfortable. So I think Motrin will do the trick! His doctor has called to check in and has just been a blessing! It is so comforting to have physcians that really care about you!
We cannot express our gratitude for your thoughts and prayers, as they were greatly felt by us all. God is so GOOD, and we are so lucky that he has blessed us with special family and friends like YOU!!!


Tim, Amanda, and Davis

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Welcome to the Newest Bloggers on the Block!

Ok so our best friends have joined the exciting world of Blogging! Check The Partins! I am so happy to have them blogging, so that I can keep up with every step of their new journey! This means Tim and I are about to graduate to Uncle and Aunt status with all the privileges thereof! God is SO amazing! Who knows - Aunt Lori might be carrying D's future wife! Wouldn't that just be grand! We love you guys - and your little peanut too!