Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to Momma's Big Boy!

Happy Birthday to Momma's Big Boy!

Wow! I cannot even believe that my little one is 2 years old! I honestly have no idea where the past two years have gone! It feels like yesterday that we were preparing for his arrival and that I was feeling him move around in my belly! Now he is the big 2, and God has blessed us with a new little bundle of joy on the way!

We spent Labor Day with D! We took him to the Childrens Museum of Atlanta to the Sesame Street exhibit! It was WAY cool, and I totally recommend it! It ends on the 9th though! :) We left the exhibit and went to D's FAVORITE place! The Aquarium! I swear D would live there if we let him! I will try to post these pics tomorrow!

I was off today, but I didn't get to spend nearly as much time with D as I would have wished to! I had to leave this morning for my prenatal checkup! Everything went well. I had only gained 1 lb in the last month, so I was happy about that! The nurse was thrilled to find the baby's heartbeat on first try, which she said was the fastest one she had found. Baby Henson's heartbeat was 158 bpm today. Everything else checked out fine, and I had the triple screen test ran. I spent a while in the lab waiting for this. I guess I will get the results at my next visit.

Pops kept D during my visit, and D was very happy to wake up and hear Pops coming in the door! He was easy to get out of bed this morning! :) D and I ran some errands, and he came home and crashed! I finally got him up around 3:30 so he could eat lunch before Mimi arrived to keep him for the evening. Mommy had to go to class! :(

Luckily class ended at 7:30 instead of 8:30 and D was up and quite active when Daddy and I got home! So D and I got our nightly bath together while pretending to be pirates! AAARGH!!! :)

I trired to get some pics of D tonight, but he was in his "hammy" mood! :) He gave me all of his great "CHEESE" faces! Daddy had a killer headache, but was a good sport because D was in a daddy wrestle/play mood! I had to try to capture a quick video of D giving Daddy "raspberries" on his belly! D thinks this is hilarious, and it drives Tim CRAZY! He is so scared that D is going to bite him!!!

Sorry this is 2 days late! Blogger has been acting up for me or maybe it just took 2 days to download this freakin' video!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

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A lot of action this weekend! D's party and the gender of Baby Henson #2 is revealed! Read on to see what's going on in our world!!!

Baby Henson #2 is a ......

Keep reading to find out! :) (I'm not going to give it up that easy!)

Wow! What a crazy day! It started out hormonal for me as usual! :) We made it to church, and I ended up back in the nursery! I have been drinking so much water getting ready for the ultrasound that after my first trip out of the sanctuary to the bano - I thought it best that I stay put in the nursery! :) After church we headed to meet my mom's side of the family at the park for a picnic to celebrate my uncle Jody's and Great Aunt Susie's bdays! It was GREAT -- great food - great weather - great company and GREAT view of the Lake! :) (all except for an ant bite on my toe! OUCH!)

After lunch we headed to my parents to head off to Baby's First Images in Alpharetta! We had to stop 3 times on our trip! Once for D who was pitching a FIT because Pops was not in the car with him!!! I mean a serious tantrum! Are we really having another one of these! I don't know if my nerves can handle two! LOL! A second stop to get a Mountain Dew to wake the baby up - all while praying Pops -- won't make an appearance since D is finally calmed down! A 3rd stop 3 miles away because I just couldn't hold it anymore! LOL! It's only going to get worse!

Here are some pics we took tonight -- as we were too crazy during the trip for a photo opt!

Mommy at 16 and a half weeks

Mommy and her Sunshine (in his "I'm the Big Brother shirt!)

Though it wasn't as easy as we had hoped for to find out -- let's just say our little one prefers their legs together (which is a good thing!)

Finally what you've all been waiting for ..... drum roll PLEASE ....

We are having a .....................................................


And we couldn't be HAPPIER!!!

Our little one is quite the little lady! Her legs are like the jaws of life! :) We got some GREAT profile pics for her to be so little! The ultrasound tech knows her stuff so she said she was sure of what the baby was right from the start. She wouldn't share her news! She said she wouldn't comment until she had proof for us to see! Little did she know this was going to be a great feat! It was awesome to watch our miracle rubbing her face and sucking her thumb. We even got a few cute smiles! Her legs were another story! We finally captured a few shots of the three little bitty lines that confirmed - It's a GIRL!!! I was shocked -- I had totally prepared myself for another boy! I didn't want to get my hopes up! Plus -- when the tech knew right off -- I totally thought boy! I was like she had to have "seen" something - so it must be a boy! The tech explained that boys would have something sticking up from between their legs if they were a boy and their legs were clamped tight. Sure enough nothing above the legs and nothing below the legs! :) Just three little lines when she opened enough for us to capture some quick shots! Oh this is so not good for the budget of a part-time working mom! Luckily the grandmas were ecstatic, so we know they will come through with outfitting a girl! I think I may have to visit Gymboree tomorrow -- they are having a HUGE sale with like 40% off plus an additional 20% off -- PLUS I got an additional 20% coupon in the mail -- Woohoo! :)

Here is a video that I hope works! :)

Baby Henson with her left hand at her mouth!

Full Body Shot

I'm a GIRL!!! (Look close at the arrow!)

I'm still a GIRL!!!

Wow a boy and a girl! Some people try so long for one of each! We are so blessed, and I of course was so emotional when she told me. I kept thinking that I was dreaming! Now I need to work on names -- right now at the top of our list is Marleigh Jane and Reagan Jane -- we came up with Marleigh by Tim's middle name Marcus and my middle name Leigh! I love Jane for a middle name. It just short and classy -- it's my mom's middle name and it just so happens to be part of Tim's grandmother's name as well! It is a definite middle name! Now on to the name debate and the debate of a new blog name!

My Little Monkey is Turning 2!

Ok -- so here I go again -- I was finishing this post up and I LOST it! :) Aaargh! (As D would say in Pablo-pirate language! :)
Wow I can't believe that my little angel is a BIG boy! He is the joy of my life and I continue to thank God for blessing me with such an amazing treasure! :) Davis will turn 2 on Tuesday, September the 4th! Where have the past two years gone? I use to think that babies were babies for EVER! Now I know first-hand that is VERY far from the truth! :)
So, on Saturday we celebrated with friends and family Jungle-style! We all monkeyed around and had a BLAST! :) Davis is so blessed to have such an incredible support system! Thank you to all of you that took time out of your hectic schedule to share in this special time with D. He LOVES you all, and we do too!

Drum roll please! May I present to you MY Birthday Boy!!! (Yepped you guessed it -- on a slide!) What can I say -- he is ALL boy!!!

The yum-yum station --- we had GREAT food! Hot Dogs complete with animal crackers, banana crisps, and nutter-butter cookies! We even had a Monkey Cake and Jungle Cupcakes followed by some good ol' vanilla ice cream! The cake turned out GREAT -- I had some issues with the baker - so I am sorry to say that I won't be doing business again!

Close-up of the cake

Close-up of the cupcakes

The Family! (yes my belly is exploding! - it was the cake -- haha!) Oh -- and despite the looks of the picture - I promise we weren't trying to give him a wedgie! Don't you just hate those?

Our BEST friends in the WHOLE world! Or should I say OUR better half! LOL! Thank you so much to Lori and Daryl! We couldn't have pulled off such an excellent par-tay without you guys! We owe ya! :)

Best Friends -- carrying soon-to-be BEST friends!!!

Too cute to not post! Ok so Uncle Daryl and Aunt Lori for this way cute and trendy coat and hat for the D-ster at Baby Gap! D LOVES it! He was all strutin' around last night in his hat and coat with his diaper and sippy at like 10:00 (oh yeah -- he was pumped and WAY of schedule with such an exciting day!) He was in such rare form that we thought it was time to capture his GQ side! I think he looks like Sherlock Holmes -- what are your thoughts? (PS - I swear those are not Tim's boxers again! LOL!)