Monday, June 23, 2008

Our True Colors!

I hope this post finds everyone doing well and enjoying summer! I just wanted to post a few pictures of my little darlings! We are staying at home for the most part! It is hard to get out with 2!!! :0) Especially with a new member who isn't very fond of car rides unlike her brother! :0) We are working on Potty Training with Davis and He is doing very well! We aren't really pushing it but trying to make it fun! Today he hasn't had any accidents and he has worn big boy undies all day! Thomas the Train to be exact! And last night and this afternoon he suprised Mommy with a Poo in the potty! :0) I am beginning to see that Potty Training might be Possible!!! Marleigh on the other hand has become a fan of the Jumperoo that she experiences for the first time today! She is going to be a jumping bean like her big brother!

Marleigh actually tolerating Tummy Time this weekend! Look at those eyes!
Have I ever mentioned how much Marleigh LOVES Davis! Davis on the other hand would rather ignore her most of the time! She puts a crunch in his social life! :0)Davis being Davis! He likes to pretend he is swimming in the ocean under Marleigh's excersaucer!My Little Princess this morning during Mommy time! We have Mommy and Marleigh time until Davis decides to wake up and grace us with his presence!

I could literally just eat her up! She's too cute! Mommy's little Flirt!
Striking a quick pose in her Jumperoo!
Here is a video of Marleigh enjoying her Jumperoo this morning! I made the mistake of shooting it vertically - so unless I can figure it out -- you might have to turn your head to the side! :0)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Where do I begin?!?

Wow . . . We've had so much going on at the Henson front, that I have NO idea where to begin!

* Our 5 year anniversary
* Another house accident
* A 4th month B-day and check-up for Marleigh

I guess I will start with this past week! Davis LOVED Vacation Bible School! In fact he still often asks "Is the church open?" I had to start telling him Church was closed, when he asked at random times to go to church! He says he learned about "Baby Jesus!" When asked what he sang he begins singing "Deep and Wide!" Ms. Margaret did a GREAT job with 10 his age! I don't know how she kept up with them or got anything accomplished! Davis was excited about singing and painting! He even got quite excited about the boys vs. girls mission offering competition. By the 4th night when I would ask if he put his money in the blue (boys) bucket, he would say illy, "I done did that!" Ouch! That is painful to an educator's ear! I guess I should start working on grammar early! :) I had a couple of cute shots of him from the VBS commencement celebration last night, but it is on the other digital camera, and I am not exactly sure where it is at the moment!

Friday was mine and Tim's 5 year anniversary! (Plus exactly one year since we found out we were pregnant!) Don't worry -- no news like that this year! Where have the past 5 years gone? Wow . . . what a ride . . . never a dull moment around here! Tim and I for the first time actually paid a babysitter to come and stay at the house so that we could go out! We went to Athens and had tapas at Speakeasy! It was fabulous! We ate SO much, but it was OH so good! I have many recommendations if you ever want to go! Before desert, Tim surprised me with a "little blue box" from Tiffany's. I was speechless, and beside myself when I opened the box to find a 9 caract emerald cut amethyst. Amethyst is Marleigh's birthstone! Needless to say it is huge and beautiful! As we were leaving a young couple sat down next to us and all of sudden she turned to us and said "OH MY GOSH DID YOU JUST GET ENGAGED! YOU HAVE A LITTLE BLUE BOX, I LOVE LITTLE BLUE BOXES!" Which I quickly replied with a not exactly and a 5 year and 2 kids later story! It was quite shocking, but we got to talk to them for a little bit and she asked to see the ring and we told them about our kiddos! Needless to say I think her boyfriend was glad to know that she liked "little blue boxes." It's always a plus to find out things that your boyfriend or girlfriend "really" like! Tim and I have been through so much together, and I anxiously look forward to our time together! What can I say! He is ALWAYS full of surprises!

Fast forward until we arrived home . . . With our luck lately, I am sure this next snipit won't really suprise anyone! We are sitting on the couch talking to my aunt when all of a sudden it sounds like a guy peeing in our living room. We quickly realize their is a large stream of water pouring on our couch. Well any of you that have been to our house know that our living room is vaulted 2 stories. Well we look up and there is like a drill like hole in our ceiling with water quickly racing out. Tim runs to the basement to cut off the water. It keeps coming! By this time I holding a cast iron pot catching water and getting soaked in the process! Come to find out it was a problem, which I cannot technically explain, with our upstairs cooling unit and it had leaked all in the attic and found a weak spot! The good news is Tim's father was home and is a heating and air mechanic! So he came over after midnight to take a look and was able to fix it for us. Thanks Papa! :) No we just have to wait and see if there is much damage as it is all drying out. Look on the brightside! It could have been SO much worse!!!

Ok . . . . let's have some pictures!
A rare photo of Marleigh actually halfway enjoying Tummy Time!

Marleigh LOVES the Einstein Activity Center!
I washed it and cleaned it up on Friday, and the first time I put her in it she started turning around in it! I don't remember Davis figuring out how to move around in the seat that quickly!

Saturday we were hoping to get a new picture of Marleigh and Davis together. Well Mr. "I have the ability to do the opposite of what Mommy and Daddy want" made sure that didn't happen! Here is a trial shot. Needless to say Mr. D ended up in TIME-OUT which is frequently visited these days!

Could Marleigh's shirt have been any more appropriate for her brother's behavior?

Of course, when things are Davis' idea then it is a different story.

Davis woke up on Sunday asking to "hold Sissy!"

The "Ok, I'm done with this" shot.

But I don't mind giving her a quick kiss!

Four Months Old and Growing Like CRAZY!

Friday Ms. Marleigh turned 4 months old! Funny she hit 4 months one day before the one year anniversary of finding out she was on the way! I cannot believe it has been a year ago that I found out! It feels like YESTERDAY! Looking back at my blog I can't believe that I didn't post the finding out I was expecting Marleigh story! To make a LONG story short I found out on our 4th wedding anniversary, June 7, 2007. Tim was out of town, and I kept it a secret until I picked him up at the airport and we went out for our anniversary. Needless to say his anniversary gift was a plastic toothbrush travel case with a positive pregnancy test inside! I don't think I will EVER top that one! I took Marleigh in for her check up today! Everything looked GREAT! I've kept her on Tylenol for the day as I can tell she is sore, and she has slept alot! She was ready for bed at 7:00 tonight!

Weight: 17 pounds and 11 ounces

Length: 25 and 3/4 inches

Here's the happy baby today!

Poor D! The doctor thinks he has a mild case of pink eye! He HATES medicine, including eye drops! Luckily it showed up on the same morning as Marleigh's appointment! I love my big boy! Mommy hopes you feel better REALLY soon!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Introducing Shark and Shark-bait!

I hope this post finds everyone doing well and enjoying a great start of summer. Davis LOVES the water, so he is very excited about summer! No more swimming in Mommy's garden tub! On the way home from Vacation Bible School last night, I ran into CVS and picked up a cheapo pool for the deck! Our hard plastic one is too big to bring inside to get to the deck, and there is no way I can handle a 2 year old and a newborn at our neighborhood pool!
Davis and I filled it up this morning while Ms. Priss napped! Davis was raring to go with his new found Shark! Mr. Shark came from Cheyenne last night at church, GREAT! Davis LOVES anything that swims, because he loves the water. He had been eyeing Cheyenne and Chasity's prop since Sunday. They taught their last VBS lesson last night, so Davis was chosen to take Sharky home!!! He had fun in the pool too, even though he was really too big! :)

Davis is our little shark! He has NO fears! I got a few good pics!

Showing off one pair of Shark Trunks!

Playing with Sharky!

Now let us introduce you to Shark-bait!

Standing with Pops!

Calling a Truce!

After our spillage in the previous post, Mom and Dad decided to go with a suitable one piece! We found this cute little set at Gap last weekend and couldn't resist! How precious is she? Davis wasn't quite sure about sharing the waters with someone who is "too little!" He conceded once Mommy warned that it was not "his" pool. "Mine" sure is a new coined term in our house since Shark Bait came along!