Thursday, March 27, 2008


Wow, I signed in to input a quick update snip-it and realized that last post was my 100th blogger post! Woohoo! I hope many more hundreds full of memories are soon to follow!

I discovered that my video of Marleigh playing with her toy from the easter bunny was too large! She is just so darn cute that I can't put the camera down! :) I tried again this morning, and of course I didn't get any as good as the first one! I am hoping at least one will be small enough to post on here!

Here it is! Sorry it is dark -- I should have turned a light on!

However, first things first! Ms. Marleigh is taking a nap in her crib upstairs in her room for the first time! We will see how long it lasts! I thought it would be good to get her slowly aquainted. Of course by 8 weeks Davis was sleeping in his room for good I believe! Tim has been out of town this week, (he's coming home today) and honestly I like having the company in the room! :)

Here is Sleeping Beauty in her posh pad!

I snapped a few more pictures while in her room!

The chair is now ready and looks perfect! Thank you Uncle Scotty for all your hard work! He actually just made new cushions instead of recovering Davis' cushions so that we could use them again! You totally outdid yourself! If anyone needs any upholstery work, my uncle is the best!

Here are the canvases that Ms. Alicia did! I can't wait to hang them up!

And guess what?!? I have finished the post, and she is STILL asleep in her BED! Yippeee!!! Just kidding -- video just finished uploading 45 min. later and she is now crying! 45 min is a start!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hippity, Hoppity . . . . Happy Easter!!!

We sure hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! We have had all sorts of festivities going on between Saturday and this evening! We are Eastered Egged out I believe! I have no idea how I am going to choose pictures for this blog! We have taken over 180 since Saturday!!! Can you believe that? me neither!!!
Well first let's start out with a little tummy time picture of Ms. Bright Eyes!
On Saturday morning we got up and headed over to G.A.N.'s house (Great Aunt Nana). We had lunch with Pop's side of the family and the cousins had a super-dee-duper Egg Hunt! Davis and his cousin Parker (only 6 weeks younger than Davis) had much rather play with all the toys than pick up eggs! We got the look, "if you want the eggs, then you pick them up! Can't you see we are playing here?" Davis managed to score a few eggs with Easter loot! He also got Easter suprises from the aunts! We had a blast everyone!!! Too bad we can't get the kids together more often!

Here is Ms. Marleigh being held by her big cousin Caroline! It won't be long til they are playing together! Caroline is a big girl and fell quickly in love with her new cousin!
Here's Daddy giving Davis a little help with a hard to reach egg! "Thanks Dad!"
Marleigh refrained from showing off this year and finding all the eggs! Here she is spotted hanging out with Mimi! Mimi pulled her ACL the weekend before chasing after D. So needless to say Marleigh and Mimi were a perfect match for relaxing!

On Saturday night we had a wonderful dinner at Tim's parents' house. They had Easter goodies for the kiddos, and Marleigh got to see her bed there for the first time! Nana and Poppa even watched the kids while Tim and I ran out to find some last minute clothes to wear to church the next day!

Here's Nana and Marleigh. Marleigh's bed is in the background!

Here is Davis doing his FAVORITE thing at Nana and Poppa's, playing with his blocks basket! If you look closely you will see that's Poppa inside the basket!!!

Peter Cottontail

Look who stopped in our neck of the woods? The bunny left some mighty fun loot for the Henson kiddos!
For: Davis

For: Marleigh

A happy Davis on Easter morning! (ignore his winter PJ's ~ what can I say, he loves Mickey!)
A happy Marleigh with her new gym today! (Notice brother assisting in the background!)

Here is a video clip from today of Ms. Marleigh playing with her new toy! (Well it won't upload!) I will try again tomorrow!

Marleigh's first trip to church!

Mommy and Marleigh Easter Sunday Morning

Daddy and Davis Easter Sunday Morning!

Our First Easter as a family of 4!

The above photo was taken at my grandparents house after church on Sunday! We had a delicious lunch, and then we had an egg hunt for Davis, Conley, and Kristen! Davis and Conley are two peas in a pod! They love each other to death! Conley is a sweet older cousing, he spent some of his egg hunting time helping Davis find eggs!

Here is Davis and Conley together!
Here is an upclose shot of Ms. Marleigh! She is wearing MY first Easter dress!
Mimi and Pops came over Easter evening and brough D and Marleigh their Easter treats! Mommy is very excited about Marleigh's new glow-worm! Mommy had a glow-worm that she loved when she was a baby! Davis has been watching the Bee Movie, and Mommy loves it as much as D does!!! Needless to say Easter treats from the grandparents are literally ALL OVER the house!!! Thank you Mimi and Pops and Nana and Poppa! Mommy is going to go CRAZY! :)

Neighborhood Gang!

So tonight we had our annual neighborhood groupy hunt! Thank you SO much to Adam, Heather, and Mr. Hunter for opening your house and your yard! We had a few new kids on the block this year! Ms. Emersyn and Ms. Gracie joined us along with new additions Marleigh and loverboy Hayden!
Everyone adults and children included had a blast! The cold weather didn't stop the kiddos from hunting! They were ready to go! This year Davis had the orange eggs and Marleigh had the little pink eggs! Mommy the mother hen kept Marleigh in from the cold and allowed her to have some along time with Mr. Hayden! Big brother Davis collected sissy's eggs for her!
Here's the boys raring to go! (Hunter, Jack, and Davis)

Here's the Divas with their Daddys!
(Michael with Eva Claire and Jordan with Emersyn - I think Gracie was putting her coat on!)Davis going for the orange eggs!

Have you ever tried to get 6 toddlers to look at the camera at the same time?
0 for 6!!!
5 for 6!!! We'll take it!
Our Silly little Bunny!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sharing la casa de Henson!

Do we have to keep her?

Are you sure?

I couldn't resist! Davis loves his new "Sissy!" However, he is not a fan of the camera! Nor is he a fan of sitting still! I always try SO hard to get a picture of them together, and these are usually the results! Marleigh is a good sport, but D just doesn't want to have any part of it!!! My favorite time of the day is morning when D is either asking "Where's Sissy?" or when he sees her already up and says "Good Morning Sissy!" It just melts my heart and makes all the drama in the house worthwhile! He cracks me up when he runs around the house with his arms stretched out saying "hold her!" "hold her!" and as soon as you try to sit him down to hold her -- he's like No! and runs off and plays! I guess the old saying will ALWAYS hold true! BOYS WILL BE BOYS!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bunnies, Bubbles, Boyfriends, and Burps!

So hopefully this blog will actually post! After spending time on and off for most of the day working on quite a lengthy post, I accidently clicked somewhere I obviously shouldn't have and lost it all! Let's pray that doesn't happen again! I hope I have the energy now that the kiddos are snug in bed (thanks hubby!) to try this once more!!!


So, Thursday I had the "bright" idea to get the kiddos ready to see the Easter Bunny and meet my hubby at Mall of GA for pictures with the bunny! Little did I know that this bright idea would be a turning point! The turning point that would forever change my thoughts of dear old Peter Cottontail! After taking 2 hours to get the kids ready (Davis in his Easter outfit and Marleigh in "my" first Easter outfit) for their five seconds of fame, I end up turning onto 85N and Marleigh decides to scream blood curdling cries all the way to the mall! We arrive at Mall of GA, Davis barefoot (had to find some new sandals before the pics) and Marleigh overdue for a feeding. We head to Nordstroms where I feed Marleigh and Davis protests waiting on Sissy to finish her feeding. We then proceed to StrideRite to get Davis some new sandals. Davis gets quite upset with Mommy as we passed the dear old rabbit! I told him we would be right back for our picture as soon as we picked out some new shoes! Luckily we quickly found shoes and daddy caught up with us. We proceed back to the "BUNNY!" It was now 7:25 and the Simon Mall website said the bunny would be OPEN until 8:00. Needless to say Old Peter decided to call it a night before 7:25. Davis is wailing as he wants to see the BUNNY!!!! Oh let's add to the equation that he hasn't had dinner! Hubby who has been at a quiet office all day is like -- it's ok we will come back and see the bunny this weekend! That's when Mommy dearest snapped! OH NO WE WON"T!!! I have spent 3 and half hours at this point preparing for the bunny, and we are GOING to see the bunny! I then proceed to haul butt to the van and we drive light mad people to Discover Mills! Luckily the DM bunny follows rules, and serves his time for all the little children! I can GUARANTEE we won't EVER visit Mr. Bunny at MOG EVER again!!! I simply detest bunnies and the fact that they have taken such a religious Holiday and made everyone so distracted as to the true meaning of EASTER!!!

A days hard work! Finally a Bunny Picture for 2008!!!

Marleigh in my first Easter Dress!!! I am so happy my parents saved in and that it fits my baby girl!


Lately these days Davis seems to have a new passion! The kitchen sink! :) Not necessarily the sink, but the water that comes from the sink. This all started when Davis took on the role of Mommy's big helper, helping Mom to bathe Sissy! Now Davis thinks whenever Sissy is in the tub or anyone is washing dishes that he has the right to pull up the chair and join in the festivities. Typically this behavior would not be allowed, but he was having so much fun last night that Mommy and Daddy gave the all clear and let him go for it! Daddy was washing some bottles in some clean soapy water, and Davis couldn't resist the bubbles! Needless to say he got another bath at 10:00 last night!

Who could ever say NO to a face like this?

Ms. Marleigh had a suprise visit from her boyfriend, Hayden, today! Hayden lives on a few doors up the street and was born 2 days after Ms. Marleigh. Needless to say that Marleigh slept through his visit, but Mommy and Hayden's mom had some much needed girl time! It sure wasn't a wasted trip! See, Hayden is known to the street as "Mr. Fussy!" though Mommy isn't sure why, because she said he was an angel during his visit today. I got booted from my Papasan swing when Mr. Hayden cried once, and Ms. Jessica fell in love with its effects on Hayden. It made Hayden go from fussy to VERY happy! Ms. Jessica said she had never seen him so content and happy! She then proceeded to make phone calls on a Papasan track down and borrow mission! With no luck they headed home! However, Mr. Hayden just couldn't stay away and returned this evening with Ms. Jessica and Mr. Giff to lull Hayden with the swing. Luckily Ms. Bethany was over (might I add she brought some YUMMY chicken pot pie -- Thanks Bethany!) and generously offered to let the Sizemore's borrow Livi and Zach's swing! They quickly took her up on the offer and followed her home to retrieve it! I bet Mr. Hayden is having happy dreams now!


For this heading I have two questions:
1. If you give a baby an ounce of formula, then how is it possible for them to spit-up 3 ounces?

2. When a baby does spit-up how come 90% of the contens land on the Burpee while only 10% land on the Burper?

Mommy made the mistake of trying out the new Gerber Orthodonic bottles with Ms. Marleigh. She tried once last night and once this afternoon. Both produced the same results --- volcanic burps with eruptions of LOTS of formula! The culprit the nipples! The bottles claim to be a LEVEL 2 nipple for newborns! This is SO not true. The milk comes out way to fast for a newborn, much less a 5 week old! Lesson learned! These bottles are going back in the cabinet for another month or two!

Look how cute the little fashion diva herself looks after being cleaned up from today's erupt-a-thon!

My brother usually calls me "Princess," but this afternoon he called me "Zebra!"

However, I know I am the "Princess!"

Birth Announcement

Here's a quick look at Marleigh's birth announcement. I am working on getting them addressed. So, they are on their way, eventually!!! Thank you Andrea at Royal Family for such a cute and darling little outfit!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Weighin' In and a Consignment Sale!

Well yesterday was Marleigh weight recheck at the doctor! If you remember, they were checking her again because at her 2 week checkup she was not yet back up to her birth weight. She was 9 lbs. 6 ounces at her 2 week checkup. Yesterday was exactly 2 weeks later -- So at 4 weeks she hit 10 lbs. 9 ounces! Needless to say she MORE than caught up! Ms. Marleigh knew there was no need to worry!!! Big girls have to work a little harder that's all!
I feel bad that I have posted any pics lately, and she is changing SO much! Here are a couple shots yesterday after her afternoon bath!

Marleigh showing off her healthy and chubby little arms! :) I could just eat her up!

Falling asleep during her photo shoot!

This last picture leads me to my next point. I have been quite skeptical about posting this information as I do not want to jinx ourselvels! However, Marleigh has become quite a great sleeper for a 4 week old, I think! She is going 6 hours during her first shift at night give or take an hour -- so between 5 and 7 hours! This is quite welcomed as you can imagine from my last post! And at least when she is awake she is HAPPY! :) Just staring and babbling away! I myself have become quite the rock star singing my newly hit single "I want to see your Eyyyyyess. I want to see your Eyes!" Needless to say the Beatles are quite jealous of my new lyrics to their hit! I am just happy to have a healthy and happy baby! She does sleep A LOT though! What I would give to be a baby for a day!!!
Consignment Sale!
Ok all you Consignment junkies! I have finally broke down and submitted like 120 items to a consignment sale! It is a brand new upscale consignment sale in North Gwinnett -- Buford to be exact. It is being held by a local doctor at her home. It begins in the morning!!! I am going to insert the link -- in case anyone is interested in shopping. When I dropped off loads of D's 24 month/2t summer clothes on Tuesday, they were loaded with GREAT looking stuff!!! I hope you guys can make it!!!