Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Week in Review!

Wow! I just LOVE FALL!!! We stay so busy thought, but it is SO fun!!! Here is a glipse into what we have been up to the past week!

Here you can see Davis was quite excited to get a package in the mail! Here Davis found some great books and John Deer toys from his cousins' Jessica and Rodney from Florida!

Here is Davis enthralled with his new toys! He was too busy to look at the camera! Thanks Jess and Rodney! We love and miss you guys!

On Friday night, Mommy and Daddy took Davis to Build-A-Bear to make his Halloween gift! Davis chose a bear, and we named him Buddy! Daddy chose a great black and orange Harley Davidson shirt for Buddy to wear! Davis loves to carry him around and give him love!

On Saturday we had lunch with Memaw, Pops, and Clarke at Atlanta Bread Company, and then we all went over to the Fall Festival at Oakwood Elementary. As you can tell from the picture, Davis had a blast with his cousin Clarke!

Today, Sunday, we tried to go to Costco and get one of Paula Deen's new books signed by her! However, they were sold out of books, and we weren't able to get one for her to sign! By the time we tracked one down at another location she was leaving! Here is a good picture we were able to snap! I just LOVE her!

Tonight we attended our church's Hallow-Him Festival! Davis enjoyed himself as you will see below! He had a blast showing off for his aunts and uncles! Memaw and Pops as well as Nana and Papa were all there! This was a night to remember. The highlight for Davis was jumping in the inflatable Moon Walk outside!

Our little MONKEY - smiling for Aunt Nana!

Here you see Davis enjoying a Hot Wheels Red Mustang with Memaw and Pops. I had just rolled it across the table to him!

Here is Davis in the jumper with Ms. Brooke!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cont. Fall Festivals!

Continuation of the below BLOG!

Ok - So I think I had too many photos in the last blog! This is why I need to blog MORE! Here is a continuation of Gold Rush from this weekend!

So - those of you who know how much D LOVES wheels - check out this shot from Gold Rush! Davis was lovin' it!!!
Self-Portrait of Mommy and Davis the drooler at the Sister Gathering!
Davis goofing off with Uncle Daryl and Aunt Lori on the way out of Gold Rush! He figured out he could pick up his legs and that they would swing him! He cracked up all the way to the car! He has MORE than a little crush on Aunt Lori!

Fall Fun!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately! Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year, and so far D seems to be enjoying it as well! The weather has been great, and we have been busy! I am not up for blogging when the weather is so nice! I will try to do better. Here is a few of this past week's happenings!!!

Here is Davis' first time in his Halloween Costume! He LOVES it! He only gets irritated when he wants to pick something up and has the "gloves" on! He had his pictures made in this costume this week, and I can't wait to get them back! Adorable!!!

Here is Mommy and Davis on a see-saw at Lakewood's Fall Festival. Tim's parents go to church at Lakewood and invited us to go this past week. Davis loved it! Mommy was a little to big for the see-saw, but Davis LOVED it!

Davis and Mommy coming down the slide at Lakewood! Mommy has been on a slide more in the last few weeks than she has been in probably 15 years!!!

So far - Davis' favorite fall activity is the Inflatable Jumper! We were hesitant about letting him try it, but he LOVED it! He went over to the side to check it all out, and then got up and started running around with the other kiddos! He didn't want to get out, and we when we coaxed him out, he was ready to go back for more. When we passed the one at Gold Rush on Sat. - he about had a fit!

Smiling Davis - as he is being coaxed out of the Jumpy!!!

My "BABY" squirrels! Here are most of my Offsprings from my Sorority! My little Kristi is below me and the family grows on! We were missing Kristi's little - Katie - but other than that these are my babies! If you count D - that makes me a pround Mama of 6 baby girls and 1 handsome boy!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Davis' Favorite Game!

Davis looking all cute with a milk mustache waiting to play his favorite game!

"Oh, no! Where's Davis??? Where is he??? Uh oh! I can't find him!"

"Peek-a-Boo/Pee-Pie!" "There's Momma's Baby!"

Sunday, October 15, 2006

. . . Another One Bites the Dust

Erin(with Baby Jack on-board), Haley, David, Suzanne, Yours Truly, and Katie

Ok so actually two have bit the dust since Friday! One being my camera!!!!!!!!!!!!! and other one being Suzanne!!! Yes the water logged camera decided on Friday AM that it wasn't going to work anymore! Luckily my husband didn't kill me, and knowing my addiction to my camera he willingly took me to pick out a new one on Friday night! See Link Below!

Tim and I headed to the Renaissance Waverly at the Cobb Galleria on Sat. afternoon. We checked into our hotel, got dressed, and headed on literally two wheels to Suzanne's wedding in Dalton, GA. The two wheels due to the fact that we got caught behind a wreck/road construction. We basically snuck in while they were seating the grandparents. Not to mention that we made it 78 miles in 1 hour and 7 mins while encountering about 15 min of bumper to bumper traffic!!!

Me and Hubby at the Dalton Golf and Country Club!

Suzanne looked BEAUTIFUL, and Tim and I enjoyed ourselves catching up with some old sistas!!! Tim and I also slept in today (I swear I had forgotten what that was all about!), and we even got an 80 min massage at the spa before leaving our hotel today!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A New Favorite!

Ok! So the tunnel from Ikea that I was planning to put up until Christmas . . . Well I turned around this morning to see an open and growing tunnel growing across the living room! Yep, you guessed it . . . Daddy opened it up! Sometimes I am not sure who is the bigger KID, and I can definitely not tell them apart when we are at Toys 'R Us! Good thing our first was a boy. I am not sure Tim would be so captivated in the little girls section of toys!

Davis LOVED it! I figured it would take awhile for him to get comfortable with something so big and new, but he didn't even take the time to observe it. He went right to the far end and started making his way into the tunnel giggling and rolling all the way through. Tim and I were taken by such suprise that we didn't even have time to get the camera for his first trip through. The below photo was taken when he reached the end and turned around to make his way back through the tunnel!

I think he likes it! What do you think?

Let's just say I don't think Mommy and Daddy can move through the tunnel as quickly and happily as Davis. We'll let you be the judge though. Sorry for the boxer photos hunny! (P.S. Always stay dressed when living with a blogger!)

Davis helping squeeze Daddy into the tunnel.

Daddy with the tunnel off the ground.

Davis helping Daddy out of the tunnel.

Mommy in the tunnel stopping for a quick shot! Don't look too closely! I am fresh out of bed!

Monday, October 09, 2006

What a DAY!

Today Definitely had its HIGHS and LOWS!

Today we took Davis to the Georgia Aquarium! The Aquarium itselft was GREAT! So let us know if you ever want to go. We went ahead and purchased Season Passes through December 2007. I think this was a great choice, because Davis LOVED it!

Here is a synopsis of our day!
We left for the aquarium about 30 min. later than we had anticipated. We got a few miles out and realized I had left D's sippy in the house. He has had some looser stool I will say for the past couple of days. (we are guessing -teeth) So the sippy had pedialyte (which he HATES in it!) So upon trying to re-enter the house we discover that neither one of us had a house key! GREAT! So we run to Walgreens (delay delay) to get a sippy cup! We make it to the aqaurium and are having a GREAT time, until we leave the penguin exhibit! Mommy and D waited in line and then crawled and got in the bubble for Daddy to take our picture. We exit I view the photos, proceed to put the camera in the cup holder to fill something wet splash on my hand! Yep you guessed it! Mommy had left her ice water in the cup holder and guess where the camera ended up! You got it - at the bottom of Mommy's full cup. Mom was SICK, and I literally have been all night. The camera has acted crazy and went about 7 hours without opening or closing. You guys are LUCKY to see these pictures. Mommy is praying that she isnt' going to have purchase a new camera this week. This one is less that 5 months old!!! Daddy tried to make Mommy feel better by saying, "It's ok honey - the camera was jealous of the fish - he wanted to swim too!" It didn't help - just made me cry worse!!!

That's not all - it gets worse! We go by the mall on the way home. We get D out and smell a poopy! Only to discover that it has ran all out of his diaper! Guess what - in our rush to leave - Mom didn't grab a spare! So Mommy had to run into the Children's Place to grab an outfit! We have dinner at PF Changs - (Mommies beware! NO kids menu!!! WHAT?!?) Daddy gags D with a fork full of rice and D pukes up his Milk! It was GREAT!!! Then Daddy goes to pick out a new suit, and Mommy goes to get her nails done. Everything is great until Mom looks down!!! PANIC!!! Mommy's new Gap Jeans have rubbed and faded on Mommy's NEW/NICE Eccol shoes!!! Both bought yesterday! You have got to be kidding. Dad as laid back as he is laughs and calls them "Mommy's new BLUE suade shoes vs. khaki!"

Enough of the LOWS!!! Let's SEE the HIGHS!!!

Davis and Mommy checking out the stingrays! I couldn't bare to let us touch - Looking is just fine!
Davis and Daddy in the Big Tunnel! D's FAVORITE!
D and Mommy enjoying the tunnel on D's level. I love this picture. Check out Davis' reflection/reacion in the glass!
Check out this Jelly Fish - Can't remember the fancy NAME!
Look at this CRAB!
Davis enjoying independence!
Davis and Mommy in the penguin bubble before drowning the camera!
Daddy and D in an Aquarium bubble!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hay and Corn and PUMPKINS (oh my!)

Today we visited Uncle Shuck's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze in Dawsonville with the 'hood groupy! Let's just say that Davis enjoyed the Pumpkins MUCH MORE last year than this year! Davis was terrified of the pumpkins! I never in my wildest imagination thought of this possibility. I mean I know it took him a while to get over the Veggie Tale Pirates and the bear from their Vetrinarian of the Alps song but PUMPKINS! There was a little target range behind the patch, so I kept thinking that it was shot sounds that were upsetting him. He kept clinging and trying to climb up my pants leg whining, but we discovered it was the PUMPKINS - dun - dun - dun! Have you ever heard of such???

We did have a GREAT time though! Why is it that kids at this age stop looking at the camera. I know that I can be a camera nazi and so can the other mommies that accompanied us, but can't you guys give mom at least one smile!!! Do you think they are just at that stage where they are like "GEEZ Mom - give it a break! Will she ever SHUT-UP!" The wee ones LOVED the miniature corn maze, the hayride, and the big corn maze! We did have a really good time! I am not sure if we will be having a Jack-O-Latern this year or not! We may have to hold off another year! LOL!

Not the PUMPKINS!!!

I'm just not sure about this! Stay close Mommy!

Ok Mom- Gords are MUCH better!



The MINI Maze!

Mommy, Daddy, and Davis

My two Handsome Men

The kiddos before the MAZE!

Mommy and her Angel!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fast Forward

Our Day Started Off Like This . . .

And Ended Like This!!!

Not too bad for a day's work! We still have some to go, but it is looking much better! FYI having all your floors done at once is honestlhy like MOVING! Congratulate us - We finally got moved out of our garage! The land field is happy and so are we! Tomorrow evening we will begin putting away the evidence of having a "BABY" in the house!!! Dun Dun Dunnnn as the Backyardigans would say!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Woo-Hoo It's Fall Break!

How we got our Party Started!!!

Wow! Mom has to be the happies Mom in the world that it is Fall Break! Fall is my all time favorite time of the year!!! Last fall was a blurr with a little man! This year mama has a big boy to enjoy Fall with!!! Mom had a staff development day today, but was able to get home to D around 2:30. We watched some of our new Backyardigans DVD, then we got dressed and packed and headed to Daddy's office in Atlanta. We then took D on his first trip to IKEA!!! He had a blast in the childrens section, but most of all enjoyed all the big bright lights that were coming from all over the place!!!

Wow! This place is HUGE!!!

Here is Davis in the children's section! He wasn't too sure what to think about rolling through the ribbons!!! He loved it but a little curious about what was going on! We got him a tent and tunnel along with some other great kids stuff. I LOVE this place!!!

Drew's Birthday Party!

Drew is another wee-groupy from the neighborhood! If you or anyone else you knows needs advice on creating a wee little one - it is obvious that any of the neighbors could share some enlightenment!!! Drew was born on Sept. 13th, and we celebrated his party on 10/1/06 at his home with friends and family! I am sorry for the lack of pictures! My battery died right before Cake or Gift time! Amy - if you can send me some cake pics of Drew then I will add them!!! I have to remember to start charging the camera!!!

Here you will see the usual exhausted Sunday afternoon Davis , happily strolling from our house to Drew's!

Here is Daddy and Davis during the Dino Egg Hunt at Drew's House!!!

Look it's Hunter and Jack! Be nice guys! We are all going to be in for an awakening with all of the full speed ahead little ones, and don't even get me started about how strong willed they ALL are! :)