Thursday, May 31, 2007

Random As All Get Out . . .

Ok -- so here are my 7 random facts thanks to Andrea and Katie!

1. I broke my tail bone climbing Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica!!! I guess I should say fall vs. climbing! Man oh man! I will spare you the details and the PAIN!!!!

2. I am guilty of dating two guys at once! Don't ask! I won't tell!!! Only a few are privileged to the inside info.!

3. My first paint ball outing -- airhead me wore bright blue pants and a WHITE sweatshirt with a huge as all get-out DUCKHEAD in the center!!! Trust me -- you aren't the only ones who have laughed about this!!!

4. I was in middle school or high school before I discovered that you shouldn't put tin foil in the microwave!!! Boy did I learn -- flames and all!!! I should have been a Fire Chief!

5. I won a trophy for a volleyball competition at Jekyll Island while on an NHS retreat! LOL! Nerds ROCK!!!

6. I have been cliff diving from a 35 cliff! If that counts of me jumping out of fear because my best friend was barreling towards me to push me, the scaredy cat, in.

7. I won a dance contest on stage at my Bachelorette party! I will spare you the inappropriate and provocative comments from the judges! Work it girl! A few drinks and good times never hurt anyone!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's Official!

It has been approved for me to job-share Kindergarten next year! This will allow me to be at home with D part time and to continue making an impact in our future generations! This will be good for me as I work to complete my Specialist - Ed.S. degree! I am excited about working with Kindergarteners, but I am also nervous! Please keep us in your prayers as our lifestyle and ways of living and spending are about to totally change!!! I would love any recommendations or thrifty tips!!! :) It will all be worth it for some extra quality time with Davis!!!