Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, can you believe we got such a good family shot? Thanks Uncle Johnny! You may all be seeing this soon on our Christmas cards! Seriously, I am as so not kidding!

Our family would like to send out a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there! We had a great day surrounded by family, giving thanks for all that God has so graciously blessed us with. We also made sure to thank God for the time we had with and the memories we have of those we love who have gone home to be the with the Lord!

We had Thanksgiving lunch at my parents today! Davis enjoyed being with all of his cousins! Here is a shot of my grandparents with the grandkids -- minus me of course! :) Mom had just given the kids goody bags, so they were so not into a picture!
The weather outside was beautiful today. So, Davis took his car for a spin, while Marleigh found and enjoyed D's toddler push car.

My parents have made it a tradition to give the kids a gift on Thanksgiving to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas Season! Here is D and Marleigh opening their gift! I think this might be the last year they can get by letting them share a gift, and as a side note, the sharing isn't going so well!

Yes, Davis' sweater is wet. If there is water to be found anywhere, then Davis will find it! He found some outside before we came in!

The kids got the Fisher Price Nativity set, and I totally recommend it! We have had tons of fun with it tonight! With a few time outs in between for not sharing or taking pieces away! :)

Just because I'm a cutie, and I've been very interested in Mommy's camera lately!

Tomorrow night we are planning on spending the night at Nana and Pappa's house so we can get up and have a Thanksgiving Breakfast on Saturday! More updates to come!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Marleigh Update!

I know I am beyond super behind! So I am going to start with a post on Ms. Marleigh! Check back soon, as I promise not to be a stranger! I am hoping to get a Davis update up tomorrow!
Princess Marleigh is now 9 and a 1/2 months old! Can you believe it? Where have the days literally gone? At her 9 month check-up a couple of weeks back she weighed 23 pounds and 9 ounces and was 30 inches tall!
She is a quite a little diva-nista here lately! Here is a picture Mr. Daryl took at Jamie's party this past Saturday! Mommy was prepared with the camera, but was unaware that the batteries needed charging!
Marleigh showing off for Mr. Daryl

Marleigh and Jamie BFFs Forever!

On Sunday, we went to Will's 2nd Birthday party at Gymboree. Will belongs to my best friend from high school, Beth. Beth also has a daughter, Emma, who was born a week before Marleigh. Will's party was at Gymboree and Davis and Marleigh fell in love with Gymboree when we went last month for Davis' friend, Madden's birthday. In fact, Marleigh thoroughly enjoyed herself once again, and it seems that Ms. Marleigh might have to have her first birthday here! Below are some shots of her enjoying the Par-tay!

Climbing a dome!

Resting with Daddy! Parachute Sliding Fast!

A little ball time!
Marleigh enjoyed sliding on our previous visit; however, on Sunday Daddy discovered that Marleigh loved it enough to do it herself! He would sit her up top and then have a seat at the bottom. She would scoot herself to the end and slide down to daddy all by herself! What a big girl!

Sliding with Bubba!
Can you see my BLING? Mommy and Daddy got the Princess' ears pierced Sunday afternoon! And of course a Princess must have bling! It wasn't too bad! The bad part came this morning when Mommy discovered one was missing! Praise God both pieces were lying neatly in her bed. Needless to say we have to go back tomorrow and have my left ear redone! Yikes!