Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Growing like Weeds!

Ok, so I haven't just posted an update in forever. So here is a little peek into our life with a 3 year old and a 7 month old! I've also added a fews pics from recent outings!

Good-bye diapers and good-bye pull-ups! Bring on the big boy pants!!! Davis is officially in big boy underwear! He only gets a pull-up for naps and night-time. Since I decided to put the pull-ups away he has done SO well! In fact no accidents at all despite nap/night-time. I should have gotten the balls to do this alot sooner!
I am not sure who this kid is . . . . Oh wait . . . It's my son acting like his daddy! This was take a week or two ago when D thought it would be funny to put a pull-up on his head after going potty! Hey I put it on mom all by myself!

I have two very strong-willed kids at times! Davis is quite difficult if he gets too tired. So at those times (like after Playball on Tuesdays) you have to pick your battles. The newest battle has become napping in the floor or his bed. Hey, if he wants to sleep in the floor on his star rug, next to his new infamous GeoTrax, then by all means go for it! :)

Marleigh has started taking nice long naps in her bed during the day. In fact the past two days -- she has taken 2 - 2 hour naps in her bed! This picture was from Tues. a week ago when she actually went to sleep all by herself! Woohoo! :) (This was taken while D was sleeping in his floor - see picture above!) Mommy wasn't sure what to do with two little ones sleeping so soundly, so she had to capture the moments!

Last Wednesday, we took a road trip to visit Andrea and David. I got to meet Baby Wesley, and Andrea got to meet Ms. Marleigh in person! Poor little Wesley gave us both a scare, and I am so happy that he is feeling/feeding much better. See my Royal Family link to the right. The kids were quite busy, so I as usual was horrible about getting pics. I did snap a few of the boys outside as we were leaving!
Marleigh before we left!

David and Davis playing chase in the yard!

Adorable little Wesley!

Ms. Marleigh is a mess! She is getting into anything and everything. She is as close to crawling as you can get without actually doing it! She is a good scooter! :) She will get on all fours and then belly-flops! She can go from sitting to both legs before tumbling on over. She pulls up on EVERYTHING! I think she might walk before she crawls. She is beginning to cruise around things and every now and then can let go and stand for a second or two. She is waving bye-bye and tries to say bye-bye. She is starting to clap, and loves for people to clap for her! She loves her walker, but she is much more mischevious than Davis. She is already opening all the drawers and cabinets as she scoots by. I know we are in TROUBLE with this little Princess in the house!!!

Mommy and Marleigh getting ready for fireworks in Clermont on Saturday!
Daddy and Davis awaiting fireworks! Davis was not so happy as time drew nigh!

His little ears are still very sensitive after the tubes, and I have a feeling this isn't going to get better anytime soon. We finally got him to watch from inside my aunts room. He did well until the finale and it got very loud so he said he was going to hide until it ended, and he did -- under her bedskirt! :)

Marleigh's Baby Dedication is coming up soon! We are trying very hard to get a good pic of her in her attire, but she doesn't perform well on demand! This money shot is going to priceless -- if we ever get it!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We have a THREE year old in our house!!!

Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone? My precious baby boy is growing into a handsome little young man! The past month has been very difficult for our family, so we are so happy to celebrate with and for Davis!
Davis turned 3 last Thursday, Sept. 4th, and we have had a week of partying around the Henson household! Unfortunatley Davis caught a virus Tuesday of last week and had to stay home from school with Pops on his actual birthday! The good news is that he was feeling much better on Thursday. He just need to rest up and gain back some strength.
Thursday night we celebrated at Mimi and Pops house with Papa and Nana. We have pizza and cake, luckily! LOL! The luckily because Davis "broke" the cake as he likes to tell everyone! I picked up a small cake at Sam's Thursday afternoon. D was instructed to only look/not touch. He did well until we took it to Mimi and Pops' house. Being the smart mother that I am I arrived at their house without Marleigh's bag, so I had to run back home. Praise the Lord we only live 5 min. away. I returned to Davis telling me he had broken the cake and my parents laughing in hysterics. Seems that D decided to pull the cake down for a look by himself. Luckily he caught it and was able to hold on to the lips of the container while screaming "HELP!" I am not sure how he managed as it was between his belly and the dishwasher. It looked a little crazy, but tasted yummy nonetheless! So funny how the layers actually slid!

The "broke" cake

The proud B-day Boy before blowing out his candle!
Of course D was spoiled with gifts after the cake and ice cream! A drum set (which IS staying at Mimi and Pops' house!) Dinosaurs, dvds, and a Bullseye Ball Game!

For those of you who don't know Davis has been talking about his Birthday party since uummm... March! He was quite clear he wanted a Dinosaur Jumpy Party, so that is exactly what he got!
My best job of a money shot (of course some kids would not come out of the inflatables and some kept crawling out of the pics, a few were camera shy)

Ms. Jamie and Ms. Marleigh not sure about the big kids behind them!

At first even the parents were intimidating as they have some of the highest inflatables I have ever seen with huge steep slides, but the kids were wide open! They climbed to the top like it was nothing and came ZOOMING down the slides!

Marleigh was quite excited to see her friend Jamie!

Of course the dads were in the on the action and the little princesses took their first slide together!

Of course after it was over the dads looked a little more stunned than the girls! :)

The kids were worn out by party time. Here I caught Jonathan and Davis resting and catching up on the fire truck climb.

Here is D with cousin Clarke after a FAST trip down the Octopus ship!

Hannah, what a cutie! You may be camera shy, but I gotcha!

Lori and Jamie

Ashley and Copeland

Madden on the rebound, while his new baby brother, Graham, slept through the action!

The B-day Boy and his Cake!

Making himself at home in his throne!

Of course if you ask D about his party. He is quick to say, "It was SO fun! Can we do it again?" Maybe next year baby! :)

This was our first time at the Jump Zone in Buford and it was AWESOME! I highly recommend them. This was our easiest party EVER by a long shot! So nice to leave when the party ends and let someone else clean it all up!

Happy Birthday Davis! Mommy, Daddy and Sissy love you so much!

We are so proud of the young man you are becoming!