Thursday, September 21, 2006

D and His New Buds!

We were so excited today! We got a call from Cousin Kristi and Rodney asking us to join them for Cooper and Charlie's first outing to the Mall of GA! Ok don't laugh - I know that I go there all the time!!! This was great! Kristi and I always talked about how we were going to stroll and shop with the boys once everyone was old enough, and today was the day! D was a little confused at why both Kristi and Rodney were pushing the same looking stroller. I don't think it has hit Davis that he has TWO new cousins. We are working on the concept of twins with him! D was quite content watching all of their wheels move along. He loves wheels and with three strollers amongst us .... He was in heaven!!! The highlight of the trip was logically figuring out the best way to fit three strollers inside the varying sized elevators!

In all seriousness we loved every second of it. We were most happy that Cooper is doing well and looking GREAT!!! Thank you to all of our dear friends and loved ones who have been keeping Cooper and his family in your prayers. I truly appreciate and I know that Kristi and Rodney do too!!! :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This just in from the Elves at the North Pole..........

Wow! I am so excited for my Baby D. Last night I got a strange call from a quite distinct little voice. He said that he was Elmer . . . Santa Claus' right hand man. He instructed me that he had some wonderful news for me, but before he could continue he needed me to check my email. I was quite perplexed, but given WHO this wee one was, I decided to not ask questions and do as I was told. I opened my email to find an email from the North Pole with an attachment. Upon the order from Elmer, I quickly downloaded and opened the attachment to find this................................................................

Yep! I had the same response as you - "What is this?" This is when Elmer said, "You've got to be kidding - - How old ARE you???" I was then told that this was the NEW 10th Edition Tickle Me Elmo, told to be the HOTTEST item on the market this season. Santa kept a special one for my special little boy!!! I thanked him tremendously and we reflected on how much D had grown this year.

When my call I ended I checked it out online. Seems it debuted yesterday and no one has any left on the shelves. Every site I checked was SOLD OUT!!! Ebay was going strong let me tell you! Guess we will have to wait til Christmas to find out what is "TOP SECRET!"

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The NEW Sheriff in Town!

Howdy Partner!
Beware Buckaroos! D is the new sheriff in town!

Today we started our new Sunday School year at Church with our annual Western Roundup! Davis was stylin' and profiling as the new sheriff in town! Mom got to stay in the nursery with D and his buddies, but Davis got to parade through the sanctuary and was introduced as the "Sheriff." We enjoyed burgers and hot dogs after the service, but D's favorite part was getting to ride a horse for the very first time! We were proud of our little cowboy!!!

Davis's First Horse Ride!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Davis' 1st Haircut!!!

Mom and Dad Finally Got My Hair Cut!!!
Eating Dinner at the Fieldhouse AFTER the haircut!

We finally did it! Tonight we had D's haircut for the first time. At times I was sweating whether we could make it to the big 1 before getting it cut, but we did!!! Davis did great! He actually had a blast! We went to the Jon' Ric children's spa. Davis got to enjoy the adventure in a lime green hummer. He thought this was pretty cool. If that wasn't cool enough, Luba, the stylist turned on a Barney DVD for Davis to watch through the mirror! How fun! Where were places like this when I was little!!! Davis was actually extremely good! I was so worried and afraid that he might hate it and pitch a tantrum. Towards the end he became way excited. He kept trying to dive over the sides to turn the wheels, and he was very preoccupied with opening and closing the glove compartment of the Hummer. By the end of the ride he kept standing and sitting, standing and sitting. It was obvious that Luba had lots of experience with little ones. She could cut quick between jumps and move with him!!! Before we left, the owner took a picture and printed it for us, she bagged a locket of hair, and she filled out a 1st haircut diploma and attached the photo and hair! Perfect for a scrapbooker!!! His new little man haircut makes him look SO old! I love you D! PLEASE slow the growing down just a wee bit!!!

The BEFORE picture. Here you see D settling into his new ride and enjoying his movie!

Here's is D enjoying his adventure. If you look closely you will see Barney in the mirror!!!

"See Mom, I'm a Big Boy! Why were you so worried!"

"Finally I am free, and I can play with the wheels!"

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy Grandparents Day!

So today is Grandparents Day! Mommy and Daddy made sure not to miss this special day since it snuck up on us last year! I guess having a one week old the first time grandparents let it slide! Today we gave both sets of grandparents a "Handsome" frame which included the picture of a handsome little boy! We missed seeing Poppa tonight because he was at a deacon's meeting at church. So I have included a picture of D with poppa at an earlier date. We met up with Memaw and Pops tonight at TCBY. We caught them enjoying a treat, and Davis was more than willing to help them finish their treats! Happy Grandparents' Day! D loves you all!!!

Pops, Davis, and Memaw sharing some chocolate/peanut butter ice cream on Pop's tailgate in front of TCBY.

Pops chasing D in the parking lot! Do boys EVER grow up?

Davis with Nana at his Birthday party!

Davis with Poppa's hat!

Happy Birthday to My Buddy David!

Olivia, Buddy, Davis, and David, the B-day boy, playing at the train table!

This afternoon we drove to Bishop, GA to celebrate in David's first Birthday! David had a John Deer party, and he quite enjoyed "smashing" his "smash cake!" The highlight of Davis' visit included playing with the guys at the train table and trying to escape down the stairs! Davis stayed awake the whole car-ride to Bishop. So as you can imagine he was beyond tired and irritable at the party!!! What can I say, "He acts more like his daddy, everday!"

David opening his gift from Davis!!!

David "smashing" his cake or I guess a more accurate description would be -- Davis "sliding" his cake! How cute!

Annual Dragon Boat Races

Rowers in Summit's main boat

We spent most of the day Saturday at Lake Lanier! Daddy's bank sponsored three teams in the annual Dragon Boat Race. Daddy was also in charge of ALL of the drinks! So we have been lugging over 1000 drinks and containers around for the weekend! Davis was quite the trooper! He was so entertained that he didn't take a nap at all until 2:00 pm!!! I think Mom was more worn out than D was!!! Daddy's friend took a picture of the three of us, so hopefully we can upload the family picture this week!

Davis playing with an interesting spiky ball from the event!!! Needless to say the ball had to be conviscated. D's favorite new game is "Throw and Watch Mommy Go Get!"

Watching the final race! Summit's bank team came in 1st place in the Financial Division!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Birthday My Baby!

Happy Birthday to my Davis!!!

My Birthday Boy! (In his rocking chair from me and Daddy)

Wow! Words cannot even begin to express how I feel today, and how blessed I feel to be Davis' mother! He is the joy of my eyes, and I love him more and more everyday! (If that is possible!) Everything was perfect. I could have NEVER pulled it off without the help of Lindsey and Matt and Lori and Daryl, and of course my hubby (D's Daddy!). I love you guys, and I owe you big time!

Wow - D is so blessed!

How does time pass so quickly, and why do babies have to grow so fast? I know that everyone says D is a not a BABY anymore, but he will ALWAYS be my baby. Nothing will ever change that!

D wasn't too sure what to think about messing up his cake! I think it upset him when his puppy fell apart!!!

I feel so blessed to have a family that is surrounded by love and friendship. Today was unbelievable, and I was simply in awe at the outpouring of love that was shown/felt at Davis' party. Davis has got to be one of the luckiest little ones in the world. One thing is true. Davis is loved and treasured in the hearts of many, and he has some of the best little buds and gals in the world. Nothing made me prouder than to look around at all the little ones belonging to my friends and to know that we are raising them together and building lasting friendships and relationships at such early ages. Thank you to all of you who have support me and my family. You all truly mean the world to us, and we love you all!

The cake - All I can say is WOW!!!

The Boyz 'N the Hood (and currently the only girl on the street!)

D lovin' his wagon from Pops and Memaw!