Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy 6th Month Birthday to My Angel!

WOW! I cannot believe my baby girl is already 6 months old!!! This morning I told her daddy on the phone that "I can't believe it! We don't have a baby anymore! It's time for another one!" To which he quickly replied, "SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" Not honestly ready for another, just wanted to get Tim's gut reaction, and enjoy watching this little priss blossom! She has an INCREDIBLE personality. She just LOVES attention from strangers or familiar faces! She is going to be a people person and the life of everything!

Marleigh has had a trying few weeks with some respiratory issues and lots of breathing treatments! We are going to start trying to wean her starting next week. Through it all she has been the happiest baby in the world. The doctor just LOVES her. I guess they have really gotten to bond. We've only went umm.... say 7 times in the past two or three weeks!

6 Month Check-up was Monday

Weight: 19 pounds 13 ounces

Length: 27 and 3/4"

Head: 18"

Good Morning Sunshine! Happy 1/2 Birthday!!!
She wont' lay back or sit back in anything anymore. This makes feedings quite difficult!

Look at those precious bunny feet! (P.S. Her Pj's say "I Love Mommy!")

It was so different with only 1 child! I was an overachiever mother who made sure we had photos made monthly at a studio! Not this time around. We took Marleigh at 8 weeks, and it is such a chore to get everyone out of the house and dressed that we haven't attempted photos again!

I however felt like I couldn't let her 1/2 birthday go by with no pictures so I had to pull out my camera! Sadly the nice Nikon was in the van so I used my little one, but I still got some good ones! We even had 4 outfits! :) I only had 30 min. before I had to get ready for school, but I was able to take over 100 shots and some aren't half bad!

Here she is in one of my baby dresses! She looks just like me at this age! I need to scan the picture of me in this dress. I am hoping Tim can help me recreate a similar shot this weekend. She chose to wrap up in her blankie!

Look at Mommy's Big Girl! Can you say precious?

Marleigh the Fashion Diva!
Who says I have to wear bows on the top of my head?

Everyone is always commenting on how she props her feet up! What can I say? She's her mother's daughter! I bet when she can ride in a passengers seat and put her feet on the dash, then she will too! I am sure Tim won't complain as much when it is his little Princess' toe prints on his windows!

We didn't quite master the shot of her standing in her bed under her name. She was being quite distracted by her big bro! She won't take her eyes off him! We will try again when Daddy is home!

Love this shot of her in her crib! :)

Not sure if she wanted me or the camera in this one! :)

Honestly, it was probably the camera!

We had to break out the UGA Cheerleading outfit! Still a little big, but should be perfect for Football Season! Go DAWGS! We will attempt these again, she was exhausted by this point! She decided the remaining pictures had to be made lying down. She was pooped!

This video is Marleigh rolling over. It is from last week I think. I can't believe I didn't video her when she first started. She is a pro now! LOL Great it posted as to cover her in a nudie video! :)

We love you, our little Mar-Star!

Happy 1/2 Birthday!


Mommy, Daddy, and Bubba