Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Morning!

On Chrismast morning, Tim and I got up around 7:45 to make sure the man in the big red suit had remembered to come see our little one!!! We then decided to take advantage of our little one snoozing! So, we went ahead and opened and shared our gifts for each other!

Tim did great this year! He got me a beautiful Coach pocketbook, which scares me a little to carry!!! He also got me a a dkny zipper/hoody sweater and a pair of dkny jeans. Next, I got a digital picture frame that I can't wait to sit down and upload some pictures on!!!

I got Tim a lot of odds and ends this year! I got him a swiss gear set with a rolling bag and a laptop bag for his new job! I got him one of those weather station things that he has been wanting. I got him two pairs of Gap pants, a dress shirt, a french cuff dress shirt, and a Polo black Cashmere sweater.

Of course our stockings were loaded with the usuals - socks, candies, ties, boxers, etc.

Around 8:30 our families came over for Breakfast Brunch! Tim made a great casserole and we had cinnamon roll bread, fresh fruit, coffee, juice, milk, and hot cider! Oh yea and cute little biscuits with butter and Jelly!!!

Luckily D slept until our guests arrive, so they were able to enjoy D finding his new gifts from Santa!!!

Here we see Davis taking a shot at his new basketball goal with Papa watching!

Here is Davis crawling out of his castle like a Pro!

Davis enjoying Daddy's breakfast casserole! The little pig kept picking all the sausage out!

Davis and Mommy going through Davis' stocking after breakfast! We almsot forgot about it! Look at Davis' cool mini slinky! He loves slinkies!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Miracles Never Cease!!!

Ok, so I ended up drinking some Diet Coke last night in order to keep my rear-end wake to fold a Mt. Everest amount of clothes! Well it worked!!!!!!! Then I couldn't go to sleep until 2 am!!!

I guess God blessed my good deed of folding laundry, because he let Davis sleep until 9:40 this morning! That is a record!!!!! Hallelujah!!! God is GOOD!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Eve at Mimi and Pops' House!

On Christmas Eve we headed over to Memaw (aka Mimi) and Pops' House for Christmas Eve dinner and gifts. Davis' tummy was still a little achy, but he ended up beginning to feel much better while we were there if you know what I mean! ;)

We had steak, oregano potatoes, squash and zucchini, and strawberry pretzel salad (my favorite!) for dessert!!! It was quite tasty, and Davis enjoyed helping Pops grill the steaks on the screen porch! Who would have thought it would have been so warm outside on December 24th???

Here is Pops and Mimi's main Christmas tree!!!

Here is Davis and Daddy surrounded by lots of gifts!!!

Here is Davis on his mini four-wheeler for the first time! He loves it!!!

Davis looking at Mommy's prettys!
Mommy and Daddy's new bedding!
(I need your opinion - do you think we should repaint our room blue?)

Here is Pops, Davis, and Mimi in front of the tree at the end of a wonderful night!

Thank you Mimi and Pops! We are all so blessed, and we thank you for everything you gave us. Most of all we are thankful for the times we are able to spend together! We love you!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Santa's Visit!

Merry Christmas!!!

WOW!!! Today was PERFECT! Davis had an absolute blast! We are so blessed. In fact we are so blessed, that we have no idea where we are going to put all our new stuff! Any ideas would be muchly appreciated! Tomorrow I will be posting more from our family gatherings at Mimi and Pops', Nana and Papa's, and Gigi and Pappaw's.

A treat for Santa:

Davis shared his favorite treats with Santa this year! On the menu: Puffs and Teddy Grahams, along with a nice cold cup of milk!

Here is a well appreciated note from Santa and a pretty clean plate!

Take a look at what Santa left for Davis in front of the tree! And next . . . We found this!

Santa left this in the back of our kitchen!!! Davis went CRAZY!!!

Here is the suprise Davis found upstairs from Mommy and Daddy - ignore the clutter - we are working to convert our office into part office/part playroom!

Here is Mommy, Davis, and Daddy posing for a picture in our Christmas pajamas! Last year we started the family tradition of wearing new Christmas jammies! Aren't we cute! Thank you Uncle Matt and Aunt Lindsey for this stunning idea that we copied!!! I am sure you two looked cute in your Christmas pjs as well!

This morning our parents came over along with Uncle Troy! We had some yummy breakfast treats including: a breakfast casserole, cinnamon bread, fresh fruit, tea biscuits with butter and jelly, and hot cider!!! Yumm-o - I will post more pictures of this grand event as well as D seeing his loot for the first time tomorrow! Until then . . .

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Good Times . . . Good Friends!

So this past Friday and Saturday was the perfect start to a wonderful Christmas! Davis had many special visitors who made "getting over" a sickness much happier!!! Sorry there are no pictures. Let's just say that Mom wasn't exactly sure where the camera was until last night!

On a side note . . . So far today has been Davis' best day in like a week!!! The fever is gone, and the tummy is getting back to normal. Yesterday was the worse as far as the tummy struggles are concerned, but Mommy and Daddy were able to assist in that area this morning. So we think things are on the up and up! (and just in time for Santa Claus, might I add!)

Ok - a review of our weekend! Uncle Daryl and Aunt Lori came into town early Friday evening! They brought D a very stylish outfit, that he just can't wait to wear! It is a pair of khaki corduroy pants with a striped/zipper sweater with a hoodie! Too cute! Thanks Uncle D and Aunt Lori!!! Shortly after their arrival we headed to Jeffrey's Sports Bar for dinner. Then against Mommy's will - the gang decided to partake of the Magical Nights of Lights at Lake Lanier Islands - I mean come on - the Friday night BEFORE Christmas! Are we crazy??? Much to Mommy's suprise it was great! We drove right to the entrance gate! No - we are not kidding! I wasn't too happy though - my belly was aching from all the Tylenol and Motrin I had taken this week to make my fever better!!! I also decided to get a second wind and scream with my belly until 1 in the morning, but Mommy and Daddy took care of me anyway!!! Saturday morning we had breakfast with Uncle D and Aunt Lori - I actually ate my first decent meal and devoured a wheat biscuit and some bacon!!!

At lunch time on Saturday Uncle Matt and Aunt Lindsey came to visit!!! We all at Zaxby's together! It was pretty good, but my little tummy was still in knots from all the medicine. So . . . yes . . . I was a little bit of a grouch-o!!! Uncle Matt and Aunt Lindsey brought me a cute stuffed Santa, (that I have been playing with today!!!) and a wonderful book to add to my library! Today I Feel . . . by Jamie Lee Curtis. Call it coincidence if you may, but TODAY I FEEL much better!!! I got a new prescription called in, and I was able to be relieved of some of the tummy ache! I am also eating normal again!!! Yea!!!

Shortly after Uncle Matt and Aunt Lindsey left, Daddy's cell phone rang! Shannon and his new wife, Courtney were in town from TX, and they wanted to come by and see ME!!! :) Shannon and Courtney have a little bundle of joy on the way who will be here by next Christmas to play!!! I was sleeping when they arrived, but Mommy woke me up. I was beyond Grouch-o at this point! This was the beginning of my bad night with a tummy ache!!! I hope I didn't scare them to death - thinking "What have we done! (with a little one on the way!) Mommy was quick to explain that I wasn't my usual self, and told them that I was a very good and happy baby! We hope you two have a safe trip back to TX, and we can't wait to see you again soon!

Last night we went and enjoyed family and some good snackies at my Great Great Aunt Susie's house. I was a pretty good boy, but when I got home I had a rough couple hours with that bad tummy ache!

I am feeling better now, and looking forward to a comfortable Christmas Eve with Mommy, Daddy, MiMi and Pops! We have the camera now, so we will update the blog later. Merry Christmas to all our blogger friends and family! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Singing Christmas Tree!

Not this past weekend but the one before, Tim was in our church's annual Singing Christmas Tree. Davis thought the gigantic tree was absolutely wonderful, so we made sure one afternoon after church to have our photo taken in the tree. We also got some pictures of Davis in front of the tree with some of the nice shiny packages!!! Enjoy!!!

Our Family in the Tree!

Our Little Angel!

Monday, December 18, 2006


Ok - so Yes, I am WAY behind on my blogs! So stay posted as I catch up this week!

Here are some pictures from a family Christmas party at my Aunt Rinda's house. (aka GAN - Great Aunt Nana) We were trying to get a shot of the little cousins!!!) Notice that Tanner didn't want to smile for the camera until I told him I was taking his present back! LOL! The things we must do for a shot!!! Maybe out of like 5 cameras - someone got a better one than me!!!

From Left to Right:

Will, Clarke, Davis, Kayla, Tanner, Parker, Taylor, and Caroline!

The below pictures are probably my most memorable ones for the day. Kayla and Davis kept the entertainment alive! They overly entertained each other by jumping and growling at one another! Davis was laughing so hard that he couldn't breathe!!! However, I would like to note that Kayla was having just as much fun if not more fun than Davis!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Our Photo Shoot!

Ok - so let me first begin with a HUGE shout-out to Josh! He did a great job on our pictures! Not to mention that he put up with us for 2 hours!!! He captured some GREAT photos, and I wish you could see them all on here! I am posting some of them for you to enjoy! This was after Tim took his early morning fall, so in a few shots he looks a little weary!!! I am so behind on blogging! I hope to get caught up over the next few days!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Cooper and Charlie are Ready for their 1st Christmas!

Cooper with Santa!
Charlie and Cooper with Santa!

Kristi and Rodney with Charlie and Cooper!

Here are some GREAT pictures of our twin cousins! They were just SO good that couldn't resist sharing and bragging a little bit! Sorry that the pictures are small. I copied and saved them off of Cooper's Care page, and blogger won't let me size them!

These were take yesterday, Sunday afternoon. Aren't they all just precious! Kristi I hope that you don't mind me sharing these! You are one lucky mommy to have two beautiful baby boys!!! We love you guys and are looking forward to many play dates in the near future!!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

All My Rowdy Friends Have Done Come Over Tonight!!!

What a blessed day! Today was wonderful!!! We started our morning out meeting the "Hood" gang for breakfast with Santa at our school! Davis had his first encounter with Mr. Santa Claus himself! I personally have been dreading this! I mean ok - if my son freaked out at the first sight of a pumpkin - what was going to happen when I left him in the lap of a fury and hairy man with wrinkles and glasses!!! Eeeek!!! It was great though! I guess D has been one good little boy this year, because him and Santa were tight! They both took straight to one another. Mommy and Daddy were running late (as usual!) so his first meeting of Santa was right after we arrived and Hunter's mommy, Mrs. Heather, came to get D for the boys group photo with Santa. The mom's decided it would be best for us to hold the boys in the picture since there were so many and Jack and Hunter weren't too fond of the hairy creature! So, they told me to give D a whirl and stick him in Santa's lap. He was more content than when I hold him! He thought it was GREAT! Soon we left to get back in our spot in line and wait for D's solo photo. He kept breaking free and running straight to Santa waving and jumping. It was precious!!!

Here is a picture we took ourselves.

Our breakfast was good! D got doused with Coffee after Hunter tried to do a magic trip and pull the table cloth out from under the food! It was a good try, but he still needs a little practice!!! Luckily for D the coffee wasn't too hot, and he didn't even cry! What a big boy! Oh, and on a side note, D had on new Children's Place khaki's and they repelled the coffee! Wow!

After breakfast, the gang all headed to our house to celebrate with our 2nd annual gift exchange! The boys exchange names, and even the dads came over this year to celebrate. We had pigs in a blanket, delicious chocolate treats, angel food cake, strawberries, cool whip, spiced cider, etc. The mother's made cute little snowman magnets, and we even had a little side shower for Miss Eva Claire. She is expected to make her appearance and become the newest member of our gang by Christmas Day!!! Enjoy some photos!

Hunter, Jack, Drew, Davis, and Ally - Man this was hard work getting this shot!

Here are the girls working on the kiddos' snowmen frames!

Alicia looking GORGEOUS at 37 weeks! She has just opened her gifts for Miss Eva Claire!

Our men with our little ones! This was almost as hard to get as the kids together! The boys just kept talking as we positioned them where to stand! Hilarious!

Today was GREAT! The boys had SO much fun playing together. They were all more than ready for a nap when we wrapped things of, but they were so good playing together! We have GOT to have more play dates! We love you guys!!!

P.S. Hubby hung our wreaths out front this evening and got our spot lights on them. I will try to get a better picture later, but this one wasn't too bad!!!