Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Party Til You Drop . . .

Today was quite an exciting day! Davis' class had their Valentine Party. So Ms. Marleigh and I went and partied with the class. Needless to say Ms. Marleigh was the star attraction today. Davis' classmates all wanted to help care for her. Of course she LOVED all the attention! However, by the end she was exhausted and over the attention! Davis desperately wanted to stay for Playball since he missed last week. Marleigh and I got to watch him during Playball, and she was content as could be while left alone.
Here is Davis with Ms. Heidi (his teacher) getting ready to make a Valentine Hand Heart on a Dish Towel.
Getting the Gooey Paint on!

Decorating a Cookie with Layne's Encouragement!

Carefully adding Sprinkles!

Posing for a picture! He has the most creative poses lately! I am not going to complain! At least he is letting me take his picture!

Marleigh eagerly looking at all the Preschoolers staring her down!

Marleigh of course fell asleep right before we pulled in the driveway! I got her up and changed her diaper and clothes. She played with D for a little while and I decided I would take her to her room for a nap. Well needless to say she didn't want to be held, and I wanted to put on some comfy clothes. After coming downstairs and changing, Marleigh had become shockingly silent. Every now and then I would hear her talk or sing....So I decided to wait it out and see what happened. After about 15 min. I went upstairs and this is what I found . . . .

Of course I straightened her up in the bed after the photo op! She's just too darn cute! I was so proud of her for putting herself to bed and she slept almost 3 hours! :)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy First Birthday to My Baby Girl!

I can't believe that my sweet little Princess turned one yesterday! Today was all about celebrating with our family and closest friends! We had a GREAT day! Marleigh has just the most precious little spirit! Her personality is contagious, and she is developing more and more into a little lady every single day! Of course as any mom would do, I have to brag! Marleigh has added more words to her vocab. since last posting, but one thing really takes the cake . . . . Marleigh read her first word this week -- with NO help or picture cues! She is now able to read "dogs" . . . After reading the word, she chimes in of course with "woof, woof, woof!" Mommy was blown away and Daddy didn't believe it until he came in Thursday evening and out of all her words, that was the one she read by herself! We love you little stinker! You are a smart little cookie, and we will always Thank God for sending you to us!

Thought I would start out with some of many pictures made by our dear friend Josh over at Princess and the Pea!


Today's party was just plain out AWESOME! It's times like this that I am reminded at how blessed I am to have the most supportive Family and Friends that a girl could have! It was incredible to be surrounded by all of those that mean so much to us and who love our kiddos unconditionally!

The cake table

Closer Look

Favors and Autograph Bank
For favors I gave personalized aprons to the kiddos!
Tim and I put Marleigh's handprint on the Pig!

Table Decor
Everyone had a fit over my table decor! I used shallow glass bowls with styrofoam covered in tissue paper. We filled the bowl with curly ribbon, and used two-bite browines that we decorated with icing to look like cupcakes. We completed the look with sprinkles and an M&M to look like a cherry! Of course M for Marleigh! ;) We used bamboo skewers to serve them. The guests loved them and they were quickly eaten! :) Thanks MOM for all your help with these! (It was mom's idea to use the curly ribbon! and she curled it all and covered the styrofoam for me!)
High ChairEating some hot dog with Daddy

The Princess

Getting Started after a little encouragement from Davis!

Surprised Mama is not cleaning and feeding her!

This was taken moments before she tried to grab my hair! :)
Getting ready to be bathed!

One last shot with Mommy and Daddy

The Remnants
Opening gifts with Mommy!

Marleigh got some great gifts and some incredibly adorable Spring/Summer outfits! Mommy was excited about the new wardrobe as it was greatly appreciated!

At home tonight enjoying new toys and her rocking chair from Nana and Papa

Taking care of her new American Girl Bitty Baby from Us, while chilling in her new chair from Mimi and Pops!
Sharing with Bubba!

Davis showing off his cupcake that he decorated at Sissy's party!

I have been so emotional the past few days! I can't believe my baby isn't a baby anymore! Of course she and Davis will always be my babies! Everything is so surreal as a year ago seems like yesterday! I remember the excitement, the joy, and Oh...the PAIN! ;)

Mommy loves you Princess!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Doughnuts, Dads, and the Diva!

So our life seems to never slow down! There is always somewhere fun to go and something fun to do! Davis and Marleigh are growin up SO fast, and everyday something reminds us of this!

Marleigh, also known around our house at Mar-Star, QT, and Popcorn, is turning ONE on Friday! So I am hoping I can work one a special little post for her. But for now....Here is an update of Henson Happenings!
Let's start with a little update on Ms. Marleigh! She is growing too fast for her Momma! This past week she has started talking so much! I can't even keep up with her vocabulary -- I will try to list a few:
Dog (and if you ask her what the dog says: she replies Woof!)
Bottle - bobba
water -- wawa
D and Bubba for Davis
P for Pacifier
This is just what is quickly coming to my mind! She is becoming fascinated with animals and is working on animal sounds for the ones she can't yet name.

Here is her favorite new pose! Not very lady like, huh? At least she thinks it is hilarious!

This past Saturday, we attended 2 bday parties! Marleigh is surviving with LONG hair. We have settled for the Pebbles or Marleigh-Who look!

Davis had a presentation Thursday night, but only Daddy could attend! It was a Doughnuts for Dad Program! Tim said D did great!

Here are my men heading out! I was packing up Marleigh as we headed to my school for PTO.

Below is a video of Davis and the other 2 years olds singing "If You're Happy and You Know It!"

As you can tell D thinks it's his job to make sure everyone else is complying! Davis has on chocolate pants and a navy and white plaid shirt.

After the singing Davis had some suprises for Daddy downstairs!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I hope this post finds everyone doing well! Things are great around here! We can't believe our little princess is about to turn 1! Where has the year gone?

We are in survival mode . . . . . trying to survive until her first birthday . . . . . without getting a haircut! This is a family tradition, so we are holding to tradition. I have to admit it has been a struggle the past few weeks as Ms. Marleigh's bangs are LONG! She thinks it's a game to pull her hair clips out when we attempt to hold them back!

Ok all you moms out there! This is the best toy ever! Marleigh LOVES it, of course Davis enjoys it too! We haven't even hooked it up to the TV for the educational benefit. Marleigh is already a pro at climbing on and off! I recommend it to all of you blogger girls out there! Santa did good! :)
You Scream, We Scream, Our kids SCREAM for SOUR CREAM!
Go figure! I guess it is because their cousin Chandler hates it so! My kiddos dig in every chance they get! First we have Davis Sour Creamified while having nachos for dinner this past week.
Here our little mischevious one conviscates her brothers S.C. from the table while in her walker. Upon this news Mom quickly took the bowl away, but had to take a picture for proof!My 2 Favorite Men!

D with Matt and Lindsey!

Davis is starting to warm up to the camera, when he wants to anyway! Here he is serenading Blogger world with Twinkle, Twinkle.....