Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Doughnuts, Dads, and the Diva!

So our life seems to never slow down! There is always somewhere fun to go and something fun to do! Davis and Marleigh are growin up SO fast, and everyday something reminds us of this!

Marleigh, also known around our house at Mar-Star, QT, and Popcorn, is turning ONE on Friday! So I am hoping I can work one a special little post for her. But for now....Here is an update of Henson Happenings!
Let's start with a little update on Ms. Marleigh! She is growing too fast for her Momma! This past week she has started talking so much! I can't even keep up with her vocabulary -- I will try to list a few:
Dog (and if you ask her what the dog says: she replies Woof!)
Bottle - bobba
water -- wawa
D and Bubba for Davis
P for Pacifier
This is just what is quickly coming to my mind! She is becoming fascinated with animals and is working on animal sounds for the ones she can't yet name.

Here is her favorite new pose! Not very lady like, huh? At least she thinks it is hilarious!

This past Saturday, we attended 2 bday parties! Marleigh is surviving with LONG hair. We have settled for the Pebbles or Marleigh-Who look!

Davis had a presentation Thursday night, but only Daddy could attend! It was a Doughnuts for Dad Program! Tim said D did great!

Here are my men heading out! I was packing up Marleigh as we headed to my school for PTO.

Below is a video of Davis and the other 2 years olds singing "If You're Happy and You Know It!"

As you can tell D thinks it's his job to make sure everyone else is complying! Davis has on chocolate pants and a navy and white plaid shirt.

After the singing Davis had some suprises for Daddy downstairs!


Andrea said...

Wow. I can't believe Marleigh is already almost one! Obviously gonna have to miss the party...maybe one of these days both of us will slow down and join each other on the same path!

The Partins said...

So go get Marleigh's hair cut and donate some to Jamie!!! Love the pics. Davis is such a doll... he cracks me up.

Looking forward to this weekend! Woo Hoo

melanie said...

I think that Marleigh ROCKS the Pebbles look! And Davis is too too cute. I am still glad that he will let you take pictures now!

Cecilia said...

What a big girl you have! I like her pebbles look =). Davis looks like such a big boy in the last picture too.