Saturday, January 24, 2009


I hope this post finds everyone doing well! Things are great around here! We can't believe our little princess is about to turn 1! Where has the year gone?

We are in survival mode . . . . . trying to survive until her first birthday . . . . . without getting a haircut! This is a family tradition, so we are holding to tradition. I have to admit it has been a struggle the past few weeks as Ms. Marleigh's bangs are LONG! She thinks it's a game to pull her hair clips out when we attempt to hold them back!

Ok all you moms out there! This is the best toy ever! Marleigh LOVES it, of course Davis enjoys it too! We haven't even hooked it up to the TV for the educational benefit. Marleigh is already a pro at climbing on and off! I recommend it to all of you blogger girls out there! Santa did good! :)
You Scream, We Scream, Our kids SCREAM for SOUR CREAM!
Go figure! I guess it is because their cousin Chandler hates it so! My kiddos dig in every chance they get! First we have Davis Sour Creamified while having nachos for dinner this past week.
Here our little mischevious one conviscates her brothers S.C. from the table while in her walker. Upon this news Mom quickly took the bowl away, but had to take a picture for proof!My 2 Favorite Men!

D with Matt and Lindsey!

Davis is starting to warm up to the camera, when he wants to anyway! Here he is serenading Blogger world with Twinkle, Twinkle.....


JCMommy07 said...

I love it!

The Partins said...

Good Lord... look at that childs hair. You could cut it and donate it to Jamie.

And yay to Davis singing for the camera!!!

Tara said...

Very cute pictures! I can't believe they eat sour cream like that. I couldn't even come close.

jms said...

We had HG's hair cut this last week. We just had to break tradition but mainly b/c we had the funeral and Giff's cousin cut it for us. Sour Cream . . . ewey! Only on quesadillas.
Call me this week and we'll get together!

Bethany said...

Love the sour cream pics...that's too funny!!! Gosh they grow so fast!!!

Cecilia said...

Too sweet! It looks like you're having a lot of fun at your house these days!

melanie said...

Too cute. I was surprised to see such wonderful pics of D actually looking at the camera! Wahoo! And as for the hair I am always in a horrible mess with Morgan' as she constantly seems to be cutting it! I have decided to let her bangs grow and if she doesn't keep her hair up at school then I guess she will just look like a shaggy little doggie, hee hee!