Friday, June 29, 2007

Announcing a New Addition to the Henson Family!

Tim, Davis, and I are pleased to excitedly announce that our family of three will be a family of four in February! Baby Henson # 2 is due to arrive between Valentine's day and the 20th of February! So far everything is going well! I did start bleeding a little on Wednesday night, but I went in on Thursday and everything looks fine! I got to see the little baby and hear his/her heartbeat! It made mee feel so much better to know that things are still looking good! I will post ultrasound pictures when I get them scanned! The baby measured 6 weeks and 3 days -- which gave us a due date of February 20th! They will be able to meausre the baby better as it gets bigger! I have set up a baby pool like Pea in the Pod. I am going to try to put a link on the page! The password is baby2. I will tell you mommies of one -- it sure is different the 2nd time around. My close are already getting too tight!!! Please continue to keep our new little one in your prayers! I would love to hear ideas for a new title to our blog page!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Tropical Storm of a Wedding!

This past weekend, Tim and I headed to Hilton Head for his cousin Brent's wedding! His uncle Lou and Aunt Kay graciously provided a cottage for our family to stay in within their neighborhood. Tim and I arrived about 1:30 am early Saturday morning. Luckily we had great weather on the trip there! Saturday was a TOTALLY different story! Old Barry himself decided that this was the wedding of the year, and he was going to be there right smack in the middle of all the festivities!

As we were getting ready for the wedding. We lost a tree and then another HUGE branch right in front of the cottage. If this wasn't crazy enough, we received a phone call from Tim's uncle Lou on the way out stating that the club where the wedding was being held was without power. Meaning the WHOLE resort -- brides cottage and all!!! Needless to say we knew there would be no cocktails on the lawn, and were even guessing pizza or grilled food for the reception -- LOL (just kidding!) It ended up being perfect as the power came on at 5:40 pm (the wedding started at 6:00 pm). The cocktails took place as scheduled just in the Wine Cellar - BEAUTIFUL - and the FOOD was all awesome!!! We danced the night away and enjoyed the cool weather from the 3rd floor of the estate and the large covered porch! Below are a few pics from the trip!
Thank you so much to Lou and Kay for having us! Your house is gorgeous, and all the amentities were GRAND!!! Your family is beautiful, and we wish Brent and Amber the BEST!!!
The cottage where we stayed:

Yours Truly and my Better Half:

Tim's Family:

Brother Troy, Tim, me, Mom Lucary, Dad Jimmy

Brent and Amber Miller!!!

A Perfect Day . . .

Davis and I made a last minute trip to Bishop, GA today to spend some quality time with Andrea and David! Our day included catching up and refereeing "taking turns" between 2 almost 2 year olds!!! As you can easily see, we spent much more time talking than taking pictures!!!

I was able to snap a shot of them individually taking a chill break and a refueling their tank in the kitchen floor!!!

Here is David taking a breather and letting his truck hold his bubbly!

And here is Davis chugging away!!!

Thanks Andrea for a GREAT day! It had been WAY too long! I miss you already!!!