Thursday, January 11, 2007

My BABY is growing UP!

Ok ok ok - I know I am VERY behind on my blogs! Between teaching, raising a one year old, teaching Instructional Extension, starting Grad school, and pushing my Mary Kay - I just haven't quite figured out where exactly to fit the Blogging in! I am working on it! I just couldn't let this day pass without bragging on my baby!

So, last night Davis went to be early - like 7:00 early because he didn't have his afternoon/evening napperoo! So guess who gets up at 6:15 - my sunshine!!!

While I am putting on my MK face! :) Davis is running around the room - turning the TV on and off with the remote, brushing his hair with my brush and daddy's brush, trying to put a QTip in his mouth, trying to climb on the bed, trying to get a highlighter out of my textbook . . . etc. ect. etc. Well he finally decides to sit by the bed and fiddle with the buttons on the TV remote. As I am applying my foundation I hear "Waaan." So I look over and I am like "ONE." And Davis says "Two," so I excitedly reply "TWO." Next Davis goes "Thwee," and beaming I say "Three." Then he finishes his dictation with "fough." I quickly repeated "four," but he was off to bigger and better things! I was like totally freakin' out because Tim wasn't even in here, and I am like he will never do it again! Plus I figured Tim would NEVER believe me!!!

He did do it for his daddy tonight, and also showed off a few times with Pops today while typing on the computer! He even gave Nana a sneak peak of 1, 2, and 3 when she visited tonight!

Maybe in a couple weeks we can work on 5 for now - I don't want to confuse him!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Lunch and a Suprise for Gigi!

After our Christmas breakfast, D took a nap, and so did mommy and daddy for about an hour!!! Then we all got ready and headed to Gigi and Pappaw's house! We had a yummy lunch and the kiddos enjoyed their gifts as did the adults!!! Right before we left, I changed D's diaper on Gigi and Pappaw's bed. Gigi came in to entertain Davis, and it was such a pricelss moment! Gigi leaned over D and said, "Ok, Say GG." Davis look right at her and said, "GG." I don't know who was more stunned, me or Gigi! Gigi looked at me - with a look like "Did he just say that!?!" It was perfect!!!

Davis with Gigi and Pappaw on Christmas Day!

Davis hanging out with Cousin Conley! (He was stripped - because he got too hot in his clothes! LOL! I think he will be a nudist!!!)

Cale hanging out in his new chair!