Thursday, November 23, 2006



We are truly blessed! We all have so very much to be thankful for! Today was perfect. The weather was great - The food was great - and being with our loved ones was the greatest of all! Thank you God for allowing us to have such a wonderful life surrounded by those that mean so much to us! If we weren't able to see you today - then we MISSED you! Please accept our love and blessings!

Yes - Davis has a knot on his head! He got it on Turkey Eve while being watched by his Dad! It's ok Dad, I know accidents happen! I am just glad I wasn't there when it happened! :) The best part of all is that we have family pictures tomorrow! No worries! It is looking much better, and me, being the Mary Kay Make-up Queen, I have already packed a few tricks that we can use for the pictures tomorrow! I'm sorry Davis - Mommy promises not to make it a habit of putting make-up on you! :)

Here are some family pictures we made today: Enjoy!

Daddy, Mommy, and Davis at Memaw and Pop's House!

Memaw, Pops, and Davis

Gigi, Pappaw, and Davis

Here we see Conley and Kristen keeping a close eye on Davis!

Nana, Troy, Daddy, Davis, and Papa

One last photo of Mommy and her Big boy! I love you my baby!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

There's a Mouse - I mean a MONSTER in our House!

Just tell me. . . How can a sweet little innocent face like this . . .

Or this . . .

make the most horrific/evil sound that you've ever heard???

Ok, so Davis has been picking up more vocabulary lately, and he is also making a WHOLE lot more connections. It is beyond amazing actually! I just have no idea where he got one of his new daily activities! GROWLING!!! I don't mean a little high-pitched sissy sound - like most baby noises. This comes from the depths of the Earth! I wish I could capture him doing it. I will try tomorrow. He just leans his little chin down and rests it on his chest and lets rip this terrible growling sound. I call it his Satan growl. There is just no other way to describe it! I mean he looks like a man who is singing bass and doing all that he can to hit the low note! I find it quite comical, though we have got some pretty interesting smiles when we are out in public. I don't think he picked this up from Baby Einstein's or Veggie Tales, so I am just wondering where it came from! We have nightly growling matches. I bet you can guess who wins! Sometimes I wonder how he can go on so long. I am like ok baby - stop and breathe - stop and breathe! LOL! The joys of parenthood! What will he come up with next!!!

So What is Victoria's Secret???

I even worked there for like 2 or 3 years and I have yet to figure out the SECRET that Victoria holds over the male population! After making some purchases at Victoria's Secret last week, Davis has become awestruck by a glamour tote that I got free with my purchase. I mean come on now! It's not just MEN! It's the whole frickin' male species! I just don't get it!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

This Weekend in a Nutshell or shall I say a Nuthouse!

This weekend was our Youth's Disciple Blast Weekend at Church. You guessed it - Yours truly was in charge! I had been planning/working on this since this summer. It was wonderful!!! I won't go into too much detail. The pictures should let you know just how "CRAZY" it really was! I do want to add that we had 6 join the church and 2 were baptized tonight! :)

Davis even got in on the fun! He LOVES our Youth!

Below you will see our Pastor! Pastor Mike - Kissing UGA!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

Our little Monkey and his Pumpkin!

Mommy and her Monkey before a Wild Night!

Happy Halloween you guys! Davis was able to enjoy Halloween this year! However, he didn't participate in the Pumpkin carving, but Daddy and I are still discussing the formality of the traditional pumpkin carving! Daddy had fun carving this little guy in under five minutes! Tim doesn't understand why our family tradition cannot include carving the family pumpkin with a Drimmel tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's all about the spoon and the knife! Hopefully by next year, I will be able to convince him to be a little traditional vs. contemporary!

We met up with the 'hood gang early Halloween evening. As the boys grow older the photo shoots grow much more stressful and unsucessful. I mean come on it is hard enough to have one - one year old pause and look at the camera - much less four of them!!! None of my pics are great. I am hoping another one of the momma's got a better one!

This was a super quick shot with not much success! We didn't even have time to put Ally in position!

Next we tried confining them in our wagons. Needless to say - they started climbing OVER and OUT of the wagons!

We are still working on the RULES of Trick-Or-Treating! You ring/knock at the house and wait patiently. You do not pull the flowers or dig in their flower beds. You do not bang on the door. Oh and the number one rule - You say Trick-Or-Treat (or in their case - look real CUTE). You NEVER run into the house when the door opens! As you can guess our little ones did the latter of the rules!